Helena and the Guys Multiproject: a history of success

Collective “Elena et les garcons” participates in TV and radio programs, international festivals. With their musical French programs, the band talks about Paris. Magnificent compositions combined sensuality and gore with theatricality and sophistication of sound, giving the collective a recognizable unique style.

The birth of the project

is the creator of the team, soloist and its leader Elena Lipayeva. She came to light in Luxembourg, lived and studied in Europe. Along with childhood native French and Russian, the girl has mastered 5 more languages and continues to replenish the baggage of knowledge.

To form the repertoire and direction of creativity was helped by splendid mastery of all languages and a combination of different mentalities of the countries where Elena was and lived.

Lipayeva began to engage in music while studying at the Faculty of Management at Plekhanov REU. The third student enrolled in MKIM, the college of improvisational music. After completing her studies, the graduate decided on a professional level to start an artistic career. She has performed with various musical lineups. Elena first recruited her own team during training at IPCC in 2012.


Excellent knowledge of chanson and fluency in French provided the main direction of creativity new group. The name appeared during one of the rehearsals. Helena’s acquaintance of musicians with the heroes of the popular youth series “Hélène and the guys”. Everyone liked the idea. Thus appeared the variant “Elena et les garçons”.

The roster update occurred in 2015. At the same time serious performances began. For 4 years the team performed in Russia, CIS countries and Europe. Everywhere musicians gathered full halls.

The band’s concert at the State Kremlin Palace took place in 2016. And in February 2018 fans received the team’s first album “Stories…”. The presentation of the novelty was successfully held at the Mayakovsky Academic Theatre in the capital, accompanied by a chamber orchestra.

Creativity continues

Excellent knowledge of material and impeccable taste ensured cooperation with embassies Monaco and France.$ The top programs of the most popular channels of television and radio feature live concerts of musicians.

Knowledge of several languages by Elena is of considerable importance. In the repertoire of the collective there are songs on all the ads, but the most beloved of the public invariably remains the French program.

At the end of autumn 2019, the band presented the concert “Journey in Time” at the international House of Music. The program combines foreign and domestic hits of various eras in seven languages. A unique sound was made by the accompaniment of the orchestra “Moscow Camerata”.

Listeners are given a unique opportunity to move to various centuries and countries, from the forties, to early last century.$ The most famous songs of each period were performed in concert.

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