Hairy Stone: therapeutic and magical properties of Hair of Venus

Once while swimming Venus did not notice that she was deprived of a golden strand. The goddess found missing in winter, when the body of water was confined to ice. The gold in it looked so spectacular that the virgin turned it into stone, giving the creation to people. In the East, the gems are called Magomet’s beard, and in Europe are referred to as Cupid’s arrows.


called Volosatikom a variety of rhinestone, that is, colorless quartz. The properties to the rare mineral are attributed to amazing. The main virtue of hairy was the ability to attract love and bring good luck in the affairs of the heart. For those wishing to attract a select woman, the Venus stone became a mascot.

In reality, nothing to do with the locos of the goddess of beauty the fancy patterns inside the crystal have no. It’s a rutile. Besides it may include tourmaline, asbestos, ribekite and actinolite. They determine the color of the pattern, changing from milky white to marsh green and black. The surface of the gemstone is glass, transparent, with bold gloss.


mining of rutile quartz is conducted by many countries. The mineral is usually large, with some crystals reaching 100 kg. Turmaline and rutile quartz are considered the most valuable and rare types of crystal. Jewelers usually work with hairy with emerald and golden bursts.

If tourmaline and rutile endow minerals with the most bizarre patterns, then silvery triangles with stars, rhombes — indication of asbestos inclusions. Sagenite quartz is used by designers in decor.

Separately, the Kola hairy is mentioned. It is opaque, unlike other species, its shade is usually blue grey or white. It is almost impossible to consider the inclusion of black or dark green colors. Due to inactivity, the mineral has not found use in jewelry. But actively use gemcolor for decor of rooms and furniture.


properties of medicinal

presence of arrows of Cupid, that is, black filaments inside depends on the presence of erigin. Extremely rare shades are pink, red, orange. Emerald and gentle green hairs are a special rarity.

Even the stones found on the same deposit cannot be completely identical: each possesses its own special pattern. The hairy crystal is endowed with medicinal properties. Esotericists are sure that the stone provides the wearer with peace of mind, tranquility, noticeably lengthens years of life.

Rutile quartz successfully:

  • fights disease, increases immunity;
  • improves vessel, heart, eliminates ENT diseases;
  • strengthens hair, accelerates its growth;
  • normalizes hormonal background during menopause;
  • eliminates alcohol dependence.

Crystals with threads of golden and red shades are considered female. They enhance the health of the genitourinary system. Dark green filaments contribute to getting rid of insomnia, improving the state of the nervous system. However, with prolonged wear, bad habits increase, becoming more durable.

Magic properties are

endowed with self-color and magical properties. It was believed that it helps the owner see the future, endows magical powers. Also, self-color reliably protects against negative effects, spoilage and eyes. At the same time, the crystal selects itself.

The strongest esotericists consider specimens with golden filaments. They are most commonly used in magical rituals. Now, it is true, “Venus hair” is applied as mascots. They are especially recommended to people creative. Attracting love will help a pendant with a stone in the form of a heart, decorated in glass. So the amulet is repeatedly amplified. Wear it under clothes so as not to notice an extraneous look.

Actual decorations with hair in frames of silver or gold. The size of the stone can be anything. However, the finer the processing, the higher the value of the accessory.



contraindications to wearing self-color is not. For unmarried women who wish to find happiness in love, astrologers are advised to wear a ring with a crystal on their left hand. The decoration will also help to place others around them. The only exception is the representative of the Aries sign. They have no effect on them.


special care for the crystal is required. However, it is necessary to store it in a separate bag, to protect against the hit of alkali. Before working with household chemicals, decorations are definitely removed from their hands. Does not tolerate accessory and temperature differences. Therefore, before visiting baths or saunas it is removed.

To clean the stone, it is lowered into a warm soap solution for 5-10 minutes. No abrasives can be used. Then rinse the decoration with clean water and dry wipe with a soft napkin. For cleaning frames use a special fabric. All home remedies, including toothpaste and salt, are able to ruin the jewel.

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