Group “Eternal”: history of success

“Eternal” translates to “eternal, eternity”. In 1992, the group was formed by sisters Bennett, Verney and Easter, Louise Nerding and Kell Bryan. The only members who never left the collective were Verney with Easter.

Birth and Recognition

In 1992, the creation of a maiden music team of producers spurred the success of the American gurl collective “En Vogue”. The first single “Stay” was recorded in 1993. By September, the composition in the “UK Singles Chart” had climbed to number four.

In 1994, the girls’ debut album “Always & Forever” broke with record runs, bringing the singers the title of best band. Before recording a new compilation in 1995, the collective was left by Louise, who decided to start a solo career.


creativity continued by the trio. The disc “Power of a Woman” recorded by them charted at number six. A new success was the self-titled single. The songs are named on the band’s top ten hit. For the first time, the team became the best national team in 1997. The album “Before the Rain” in the UK became the third No.

The completion of the project

“Greatest Hits” collection became the best selling. He reiterated his status in 2013. In 1998 and the line-up of members came out Kell Bryan, and the band evolved into a duo. The Bennett sisters were joined briefly by T.J. Arlette. In 1999, the team’s last studio album “Eternal” was released.

April 2000 saw an updated single, “I Cry Real Tears”. The same year, “Eternal Band” gave its final appearance on television. In 2006 there was information about the reunion of the collective as a trio. However, the project was wound down. The reunion of participants took place in the documentary “The Big Reunion” in 2013.

Louise Elizabeth Narding left the first line-up of the perpetual group. She married footballer Jamie Rednapp in 1998. The singer began a successful solo career. Her songs held places in the top ten singles in the country; the vocalist took part in the TV show.

Solo careers

Less impressive was Kell Bryan’s individual oeuvre. She never released a solo album due to the health problems that began. The performer took part in reality shows, acted in motion pictures.

Ister Bennett collaborated with reggae band “Aswad”. The singer recorded a solo cover version of the single “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”. She performed as a vocalist as the author of “Girls Aloud” music. Together with her sister she took part in recording vocal parts for motion pictures.

Unlike all ex-colleagues, Verney successfully completed her studies at university, becoming a practicing lawyer. For the first time on stage as an actress, the star made her debut in the musical “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Her character became the Bean Spirit.

Bennett married, became a mom of two children. She started her work with ASM Artist Management in August 2010.

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