Grey Stones: names and properties

Grey natural formations make various impurities in their composition. The smokiness effect creates a special crystal structure. Most often, such gems are used for cladding and construction.


The jewels of steel shade include cornerupin, pearls and diamond. The latter is the most valuable. Colorless specimens are commonly found in nature. Therefore the price of colored is much higher. Unique smoky instances form due to a fairly rare structural defect.

A shade of colorless cornerupin is given impurities. Discovered in Greenland, the gemour looked so unscruffy that no one assumed the jewel would find use in jewellers. Things changed after the find of a greenish-gray mine in Madagascar.

Lovely pearls are happy because of the foreign body falling into the shell of the mollusc. Among the usual cream or white color of pearls, colored specimens are quite rare. Lead-silver shade is a sign of one of the most valuable species.

Semi-precious stones

Of semi-precious greys are zircon, rauchtopaz, bixbiite, moonstone and sherl. The second name of the moonstone, adular, is derived from the place where the gems were first discovered, in the Swiss Adula Mountains. It is distinguished by the transparent grey-bluish crystal property of irization. At different angles, the bluish hue is replaced by golden. For some instances, the color of “cat’s eye” is characteristic.

In rauchtopaz or smoky quartz from the base of the stone, the saturation of the hue increases towards the apex from light grayish to dark brown. When heated, the effect disappears, and the self-color gains the transparency of the rhinestone.

Rare bixbiite practically does not apply in jewelry. The copy is collectible.

Translucent zircons are used in industry as well. However, the most beautiful crystals found use in jewelers. Often such crystals are radioactive due to the presence of uranium.

A variety of tourmaline, the sherl, is distinguished by a rich black and steel tone. The mineral does not belong to the rarities, it is used both in jewelry and in optics, industry. The mineral extracted in Norwegian Kragen when heated begins to foam.

Decorative jasper has a lot of color options.

Greys may be Nunkinhenian, Orsk, Revnevian, as well as corneal and irnimite. Its name is Nunkinghen grey with shades of white or yellow flowers the variety was obtained by the deposit in Germany.

Irnimite is unique in blue or bright blue on a steel or orange-grey surface. The distinctive feature of the Revnev jasper is green and silver-white stripe.

Surgum-red alternate on the surface of the Orsk with grey-green stripes. The color of the cornea is greyish brown.

Najdak is a type of precious corundum. Grey-black rock is used as abrasive and grinding material.

Interesting properties

Psychologists call gray color neutral, balancing. Such mascots are chosen by people serious, purposeful. Decorations are great for the business style of owners who want to emphasize their taste without distracting partners from important issues.

Dark steel shades prefer personalities fully confident in the correctness of choice, with a solid character. Light bluish-silver — the choice of dreamers, representatives of creative professions in need of intuition.

A unique feature of smoky crystals is getting rid of the body from excess. Therefore, lithotherapists advise decorations to wear to those wishing to get rid of excess weight. Promotes such amulet destruction of cholesterol plaques.

Decorations with gray stones turn out very exquisite. They perfectly emphasize the finesse of the possessor’s taste.

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