Green jade: magical and healing properties of stones

Green Jade was treated trepidly in the Māori tribes. People used the stone as a guard amulet. It was worn around the neck and inherited. If the genus was interrupted, green jade decoration was buried with the owner. Periodically, wars between tribes were fought for self-color.

Due to its unique properties, the crystal was acquired by emperors and people associated with power. Green jade is the national stone of China. They call him “divine”. On the territory of the country coins and musical instruments were created from the mineral.

They used jade to create the tomb of Tamerlan.

To Russia the stone was brought from China. It immediately gained popularity due to its fine looks and unique properties. Jade green color over time began to be mined on the territory of Russia.

Therapeutic properties of green jade

Use in healing mineral started in China. It managed to cope with a variety of diseases. With the help of jade massage was done. Heated stones were applied to sick places. Gradually, the pain was gone.

Jade in the form of powder was added to a variety of elecsires. It was thought that it was possible to live a long and happy life with the help of the mineral.

Common therapeutic properties of green jade.

  1. Use stones by lithotherapists to cope with kidney disease.
  2. Helps the mineral to get rid of diseases such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, cyst.
  3. Jade helps to remove pain.
  4. Crystal is able to normalize pressure.
  5. Helps to cope with diseases associated with nerves and overvoltage.
  6. According to lithotherapists, green-colored jade has rejuvenating properties.
  7. Has a favorable effect on potency.

The magical properties of green jade

  1. Stone is able to soothe. Wear it is recommended for people who often face stress.
  2. Stone is able to make its owner stronger and more purposeful.
  3. With the help of stone you can find the work of your life.
  4. Thanks to the mineral you can get rid of the negative.
  5. The mineral helps realize even the innermost desires, dreams.
  6. Gem is able to warn its owner of danger. When something threatens human health, the crystal darkens.

Green jade has the most powerful magical properties compared to other minerals from the jade group. However, the owner of the stone must genuinely believe that the gems are capable of helping him. Only then will miracles begin to occur in his life.

Whom suitable green jade

Mineral has a powerful energy, which not everyone is able to cope with. Ovnam stone will help in the professional sphere. With it, you can advance the career ladder.

The twins will become more creative. They will be able to sort out their talents and figure out how to move on with their lives. Change for the better won’t keep yourself waiting long. Stone crayfish will get an energy they often lack. Dev will greatly increase intuition, and Weights will have health. Scorpions and Capricorns will become calmer and more patient. Aquarius thanks to the stone will cope with financial difficulties.

Not going to help green jade Fish and Lions. Representatives of these zodiacal signs the mineral will be able to wear only as decoration. Calves and Sagittarians from buying crystal should refuse. In their lives will begin to happen negative events due to the fault of self-color.

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