Graham Young: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Frederick Graham Young was born in the English capital city of London on 7 September 1947. Very early left without a mother. For a time he was raised by his native aunt. Soon the father married. The wife’s name was Molly. The son was only 2 years old at that time. The boy was often granted to himself. Leaving home, wandering through the rubble, rummaging in garbage piles. There he found all sorts of trinkets. Carried them home. Hidden in his room under his bed.

Frederick grew up an intelligent boy. He received his education at school. Read a lot. One day he caught the eye of a book on Satanism. He was delighted with her. Often read out by her. He was particularly attracted to the description of potions. Started coming up with various powders himself. Already as a child, he could be called an alchemist. The father was pleased with his son. Graham gets a gift from him – a young chemist’s kit. That’s exactly what the boy needed. Already soon he creates his first venom, which he has experienced on frogs and mice. The talented teenager at 12 was perfectly versed in chemistry and pharmacology. He was 13 when he read a book that described a criminal who killed his victims with antimony. There he learns that antimony is a poison, traces of which are difficult to find in the body of the poisoned.

The first crime

The thought of antimony did not give rest to Young. He decides to experience the action of poison on one of his classmates, who criticized him for his experiences with mice. Graham got antimony at the pharmacy and poured it into tea to the boy. He got stomach pains. The future poisoner failed to finish the started crime. The poison was found by the stepmother. She made the scandal to both him and the apothecary who sold his stepson. Molly thereby signed herself a death sentence. Graham gets antimony at another pharmacy to poison his stepmother. Soon she began to be tormented by frequent stomach pains, and she dies. Cremation destroyed traces of crime. But the police still suspected the teenager in it. It happened in 1962. The juvenile killer was then 14 years old.

First detention

After her stepmother was poisoned, Young began to weed the rest of the family — aunt, father, younger sister. He poured poison into food, which he often tried himself, forgetting who and what he put. Soon, the poisoner’s father enters the hospital. There, a doctor mistakenly misdiagnoses him, claiming he had poisoned arsenic. Graham Young, thanks to his arrogance, having doubted a doctor’s diagnosis, impersonated himself. He realized that the son was involved in poisoning his father. The point was put by a chemistry school teacher. He found Graham’s poison bubbles in his desk. Police were called. In March 1962, Young was detained. The teenager’s interrogations revealed his excellent knowledge of chemistry. But at the same time, oddities in his behaviour were noticed.

Graham Young-psychopath

For questioning, a psychiatrist was invited, who gave a conclusion: Graham Young is a psychopath. It freed him from prison. He was found guilty of poisoning his stepmother and attempting to murder the rest of the family. Sent to a psychiatric hospital (1962).

At the clinic, Young continued his case. He made poison from anything he could get at a medical facility. Walked into the trust of nursing staff. Soon, having made poison from laurel leaves, which grew in the courtyard of the hospital, he sent his roommate to that light. He was a murderer. No one would understand the cause of his death. Young didn’t stop there. Several people in other wards died unexpectedly. Doctors began to guess who was to blame. We tried to stay away from it.

At will,

Young stayed in the hospital for 9 years out of the 15 he was awarded. After leaving, he rented an apartment and got a job at one of the companies. Friended with the mentor who was given Graham at work. He had the indiscretion to complain about being offended in the company. It was an excuse for a poisoner. He decides to avenge a friend. One by one, several fellow soldiers die. After sorting out, the police realize Graham has taken up the old one.

The arrest and death

on November 21, 1971, of Graham Young arrested. He was sentenced to life in a mental hospital. It was now a closed clinic in Park Lane, near Liverpool. But even there in the most brutal conditions Young managed to grow a poisonous mushroom from which he received a new poison. After this case, he is sent to Parkhurst Prison, which was considered one of the strictest in England. By this time the whole of England knew about the maniac. In Young’s prison, cellmates were already waiting.

 On August 22, 1990, he was found dead in his cell. The career of a serial killer poisoner is over. He was 42 years old.

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