Gogol Bordello: biography, creativity, career, personal life



 founder of the music project Gogol Bordello is a Ukrainian guy named Evgeny Gudz. As a child, he was keen on music, early mastered musical instruments. As a teenager he created his first musical composition.

Upon reaching adulthood Eugene made the decision to travel, he toured many European cities and took inspiration from famous foreign musicians for many years. At the age of 23, the man set a goal about becoming himself a great musical performer.

Gudz gathered his first team in Vermont, a region in the United States. They called themselves The Fags. The first performances had no impact on the local public, no result was achieved by the young men. In the end, the founder of the band decided to move to New York and the musicians separated.

 In the new city, Yevgeny met people who became part of his new organization. They included: accordion player Yuri Lemeshov, violinist Sergei Ryabtsev, guitarist Oren Kaplan, and drum playing specialist Eliot Ferguson. Also the newly minted team took care of the underdancer, they were helped by talented American girls Pam Racine and Elizabeth Sun.

At first the band had a different name, but after the first unsuccessful performances it was decided to rename “Gogol Bordello”. According to Eugene this was done for the purposes of irony, to mock the uneducated American audience.

In the future, the fate of the musical collective developed safely. Soon young men and girls managed to get a permanent place at evening performances in one of the local nightclubs.

During the history of the group’s existence, the lineup has changed more than once Initially there were mostly Russian guys, and at the moment the organization includes participants from all over the world, for example: Chinese woman Elizabeth Chi-Wei San, Frenchman Pedro Erazo.

Music career The

main creative direction of “Gogol Bordello” in its music videos and performances was the atmosphere of the theater, gypsy acoustics. Their performance has changed almost in any way over time, despite numerous changes in the lineup.


newly-minted band published its first plastic in 1999, popularity did not keep itself waiting. Guys became famous musicians, people came to their concerts in nightclubs from all over the world.

In 2001, they went on a tour, visited many cities in the United States of America. But all these performances were only under the tag of the first music compilation. Work on the second was quite difficult, only in 2002 published the edition of Multi Kontra Culti vs. Irony.

In the future, they managed to release dozens of tracks that still do not lose their relevance and demand. There are about five released song compilations on the musicians’ account. Ten years after the group was formed, the guys reached their peak in popularity.

Further creativity

In 2018, the band conducted a grand touring tour, the scale of which spanned dozens of cities across Europe and the United States. After that, the team left to prepare for its twentieth anniversary, which was successfully celebrated with a number of performances in 2019.

For now, musicians maintain their popularity, consistently gather thousands of people at concerts around the world and not are going to stop the activities of a long-standing organization.

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