Gloria Gaynor: biography, creativity, career and personal life


four brothers of Gloria Foules organized the quartet. In the performing gospel band they did not invite a sister or a younger one. Arthur later became Gloria’s manager. She always dreamed of singing, but she never told anyone about her desire to become a singer.

Path to Dream


biography of the future star began in 1947. The child appeared in Newark on September 7 in the musician’s family. The girl grew up with five brothers. His father played the ukulele well, performed with the band “Step ‘n ‘Fetchit”. The baby was raised by her grandmother.

Frustrated by the brothers’ decision to do without female vocals in the family ensemble, the girl secretly began performing in clubs in the city. From the early sixties, she was a soloist with the band Soul Satisfiers. A singer under the name Gloria Gaynor performed. In 1965, the artist recorded the first song, “She’ll Be Sorry/Let Me Go Baby”.

Luck smiled in 1971. The result of a collaboration with the Colambia Records label was the CD “Never Can Say Goodbye” released in 1975.

First achievements The

nearly 20-minute dance marathon has gained popularity. A hit was every track especially beloved by the youth clubs of the album.

On the wave of success, the vocalist soon released the compilation “Experience Gloria Gaynor”. International recognition, places at the top of the dance charts — it was a success.

In 1978, the CD “Love Tracks” appeared. The lead single was the song hit “I Will Survive”. Her popularity has been incredible. Heath quickly won the title of female liberation anthem, becoming not only an excellent motivation for further life without an unfaithful sweetheart, but also a peculiar anthem of female liberation.

Star hit

DJs in one voice claimed the novelty was enjoying incredible success. Only after that “I will live” went from the category of “doveska” to the candidate in hits to a full-fledged composition that has already won the love of listeners.

From 1979 to 1981 he was active in the promotion of the composition, Jack King received the Disco Masters awards. The single awarded a special Grammy nomination as Best Disco Recording, entered the “Hot 100″ edition of “Rolling Stone”.

In 2000 the creation was named the first of the greatest dance songs. The leader’s position of “I Will Live” retains to this day. Many famous musicians present their versions of the hit, including in a duet with Gaynor.

Off stage

Not so rosy was the singer’s personal life. Her selection in 1979 was Lynwood Simon. There has never been a lull in the family. After repeated quarrels and reconciliations, the couple finally separated in 2005. After the divorce, Gloria did not start a single affair.

The stage work of the vocalist continues. And in 2019 she presented the 18th compilation of her discography, “Testimony”.

A solid age does not prevent an artist from performing. On her Instagram, she gladly posts photos from concerts.

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