Gennady Sokolov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

From the biography

 Gennady Dmitrievich Sokolov was born in 1953 in Yeysk, Krasnodar Krai. Since childhood he painted well. He graduated from the Higher Military Topographic School in Leningrad and gained the profession of aerial surveyor. After his studies he devoted himself to serving in the Armed Forces. Now he’s a lieutenant colonel in reserve. There is no art education.

It is known

from the history of the gun business

that cold weapons were richly decorated, revered to it and carefully preserved for posterity. In the recent past, artistic weapons were not considered an art form. A new kind of gun creativity began to develop only from the end of the 20th century

One of the authors of artistic weapons

G. Sokolov has been engaged in decorative art for over 25 years. His career as a gunsmith began in 1993 — in his 40th year of life. Author’s skills gained by studying art objects in museums and arsenals. Gradually developed an individual style. To achieve a high level of G. Sokolov mastered, working at home, many technological processes. He is a man with inexhaustible inspiration.

Spiritually, beautiful, not militantly

G. Sokolov manufactures weapons that have cultural value for the purpose of realizing people’s spiritual, rather than military, purpose. Creating such objects for this purpose, the master artist himself develops professionally and spiritually.

How filled with spirituality is the inner world of man, so artistic will be the work. And the spiritual world of G. Sokolova is fantastic, versatile and deep. His charismatic subjects attract the gaze of more than a wide range of amateurs. Fans of such beauty recognize weapons as cultural value. One begins to understand weapons not as a way of resolving conflicts, but as a work of art.

Interesting designs, plots and figures

Types of products made by G. Sokolov, — stilettos, hunting knives, daggers. The titles of the works depend on the fantasy of Y G. Sokolov can be found Verona, Consul, Olonetsky, Bright, Heir, Velikoross, etc. Some plots he called Master and Marguerite, Spirit, Mystery. Different figures can be seen on the weapon. For example, on the blade of a hunting knife — the head of a deer with horn-branches, in a tabletop composition consisting of two things: one bigger figure is the Master, who stands, having folded his hands, with sadness in his eyes, the little grip of another is the feminine image of his beloved woman, Margarita. There are weapons with a handle resembling a female figure in a long robe. This tabletop composition is titled “The Mystery”. Armourer dedicates his products to the heroes of books, names of Italian cities, memory of Russian masters of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Popularizer of non-standard art type

G. Sokolov became a famous unique gunsmith of the first twentieth anniversary of the XXI century. His creativity continues. By creating highly ideological samples of weapons, he raises the prestige of Russia and contributes to the popularization of artistic weapons.

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