Gennady Belov: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence 

Wise by life experience people know that little to have natural abilities, you must still properly dispose of them. Gennady Mikhailovich Belov came to light on November 2, 1945 in an ordinary Soviet family. His parents resided in Moscow. His father worked on the railroad, and his mother worked as a weaver at the Stone and Cloth Works. The family lived dignified, which is called no worse than others. In the house often sounded folk songs and romances. Mother and grandmother loved to sing. And not just loved, but skillful. The boy from an early age absorbed words and melodies that were easy to remember.

During his school years, Gena willingly engaged in artistic self-activity, regularly attending choir classes. After a short period of time he became a soloist. On district and city views, the school team very often took prizes. Belov, as a soloist, was awarded diplomas and memorable gifts. After the eighth grade, Gennady decided to get a professional education and entered a textile technical school. After graduation, a young distribution specialist got to the Red Rose silk fabrics factory.

Professional activity

In those years, each large enterprise contained on its balance House culture. It was in this institution of culture that various creative studios for young workers operated. Belov was invited to the collective of artistic self-activity from the first days. The young man stood out for his vocal data among his fellow stage members. It is not surprising that shortly Gennady was invited to the contest “Hello, We Are Looking for Talents”, which was regularly held on All-Union Television.


performer with a rare timbre of voice was noticed by officials. Gennady was invited to work as a soloist for the song ensemble of All-Union Radio and Central Television. In the summer of 1973, the song “You heard the thrushes sing” performed by Belov was played on the radio. Just a day later, without the slightest exaggeration, this song was sung by the whole country. The creative career of the performer was quite successful. Famous Soviet composers and poets worked with the singer willingly. Vladimir Shainsky’s song on Mikhail Tanich’s words “On the Far Station Soidu” was played for the first time in the movie “On the Secret of All the World”. It is also performed today on television and solemn events.

Recognition and personal life

In 1978 Gennady Belov received the title of laureate at the World Festival of Youth and Students held in Havana. In 1988, he was awarded the honorary title of “Honored Artist of the RSFSR”.


singer’s personal life developed safely. He was married once. Husband and wife raised a son and a daughter. Gennady Belov died rapidly as a result of a stomach ulcer three days before his fiftieth anniversary.

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