Gelena Velikanova: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence The

 propensity for creativity in many children manifests itself at an early age. Gelena Martelievna Velikanova was born on February 27, 1923 in a family of creative intellectuals. The parents at that time lived in Moscow. Here they came from Poland, or rather to say fled because the whole family was against their union. The girl turned out to be the fourth child in Mother gave music lessons. His father made a living in casual earnings. Plus, he was keen on playing cards for money. It happened that he won large sums and could buy a piano for his mother. It was also so that lost even kitchen utensils and cots.


future singer’s childhood years cannot be called happy. Father after a string of major losses broke paralysis. He passed away three years later. At Gel’s school she studied well. In communication with classmates was friendly and friendly. She willingly participated in the reviews of artistic self-activity. Velikanova’s vocal data was noticed by teachers and advised to enter a music school. However, all plans were confused by the war. The girl together with her mother was evacuated to the Siberian city of Tomsk.

Creative path

In the evacuation, life was not easy. Mommy died a few months later. In order not to sit within four walls Gelena entered the Moscow Institute of Railway Engineers. In between lectures, she went with girlfriends to the hospital to help nurses and sanitation care for the wounded. At the same time they performed impromptu concerts. It was not until 1944 that Velikanova returned home. She immediately dropped out of the institute and enrolled in the vocal department of Glazunovsky musuchilic. On professional pop, the novice singer began to come out in 1948.

Early in her stage career, the singer performed songs of different genres. She was listed as one of many performers good and different. One day, composer Oskar Feltzman wrote a song, titled “Lands”, to the words of the poet Olga Fadeeva. A few days later, this song was played on All-Union Radio performed by Gelena Velikanova. And at one point, the singer became known to the whole country. The song sounded not only from windows and radios, but also, as humorists joked, from every iron and vacuum cleaner.

Recognition and personal life

After many years spent on stage, Gelena Velikanova’s voice was missing. She was invited to a teaching job at the Gnessin Music School. For achievements and services in the field of musical art, the singer was awarded the honorary title “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”.

Velikanova’s personal life was not immediately developed. The first marriage to poet Nicolai Dorizo lasted six years. The couple had a daughter, but this did not save the family from breaking up. The second time the singer married director Nikolai Generalov. They lived under one roof for twelve years. Gelena Velikanova died of cardiac arrest in November 1998.

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