Galina Volkova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Brief biography

 Born Volkova Galina Yurievna in the city. Mines of the Rostov region on October 19, 1963 Since childhood, the girl wanted to create something extraordinary. She was into dancing, and fantasy worked for the ball, for beauty. After school she joined the Institute of Service and Entrepreneurship. She majored in “designer of leather products”.

First experience and first recognition

Later with her father moved to the city. Nalchik. I settled in the sphere of household services. A year later, she was invited to the Republican Fashion House by a leading fashion designer. For further work, it was necessary to prepare a collection of shoes for presentation at the central Fashion House in Moscow. The theme of the collection is “Shoes for the elderly”. A strict Moscow commission has rejected almost all of Galina’s collection. But an unfortunate experience is also an experience, she thought. For the next screening, she brought botforts and shoes of a national character, light boaters and velour boots decorated with beads and butterflies. This time managed to charm the commission and even get an offer from the famous shoe store in Nalchik.

Her shoes were worn by all relatives. Once on a walk with mom, they walked into some office along the way. Both were wearing shoes created by Galina. The girl in the reception room, did not restrain and exclaimed that she saw similar slippers in the shop “Birch”. The first popular recognition of the aspiring author took place. Galina was very pleased and realized that her creations are known, loved and recognized.

“ Alliance” The

1990s have arrived. Everyone tried to organize their case. Galina, having consulted with Dad, also decided to engage in entrepreneurial activity. She was confident that her author’s shoes would be in demand. Alliance company appeared. The main production is the production of children’s shoes, free shoes for sale in retail, in the markets of the city. Then Galina capitalized on her first car.

She recalls humorously a time when competing with shoes from Asia, cheap and cute, but not practical. Remembers her collection of boots, which her mum nicknamed “the swan song.” Boots were combined, top – of quality leather for “crocodile”, bottom – of genuine leather. Boots “from Volkova” were in demand for several years. In Nalchik over time became close. Galina decided to show herself in Moscow.

Case for God

In Moscow completed graduate studies at the Academy of Light Industry. Learning and writing a thesis for a creative person is boring. Galina figured out how to show and realize her skill in design. Offered to hold a competition of shoe designers within the framework of the exhibition “MosShoes”. The exhibition director liked the idea. It was in 1988. In business and design, it was not calm, everyone survived as they could. Galina managed to persuade many shoe designers to enter the competition. The first place was then taken by fashion designer Denis Simachev.

Galina completed her graduate studies, and she was invited to the Research Institute of the leather and footwear industry. Working in a public institution was oppressive, everything was up to standard. Longstanding ideas did not give peace. She created collections of shoes for dancing and, by fate, took up shoes for diabetic patients.

The story began with a request from a friend who had diabetes. He asked Galina to think about how to make comfortable shoes for diabetics. Gradually she entered this topic and realized that diabetic patients really need special shoes and not only as comfortable as possible, but also beautiful. Galina saw firsthand how tormented people with sores on their feet and cannot wear ordinary shoes. And she decided for herself that she had to master the production of shoes for diabetics and that would be her good cause.

The pioneer of fashion for the disabled

in 2001 organized a small production of shoes for the disabled and diabetic patients. The production received the name “Orthomoda”. Galina wanted to declare herself somehow and in 2002 created the first collection. Thanks to the help of German journalists the exhibition took place in Düsseldorf Everything was at the top level. Disabled models showed on the catwalk all the beauty and convenience of wearing specialized shoes. None of the attendees even realized that the handicapped showed the shoes. The exhibition made a great impression around the world. About Galina Volkova was talked about.

Difficulties in the world of fashion for the disabled

After the exhibition in Germany Galina returned to Russia and took inspiration from the work. But soon realized that society somehow reacts irritatingly to its activities. Many were indignant and didn’t understand why she was trying so hard for the disabled. Some even took it as a mockery of disabled people, after all they don’t need pretty costumes and ball gowns, why do they need stylish shoes if they don’t go to work? Now all this is a thing of the past. Orthomoda was successful.

Modern production of shoes for the disabled

since 2001 has passed a long time. Orthomoda Company expanded and reached a new level of production. Shoes are made not only individually, but also taking into account all physiological features of the patient’s foot. For shoes to Moscow you do not need to go, everything is done electronically in 3D digital format and immediately sent to the fashion designer, then to the production. Galina has taken care of accessibility, otherwise it makes no sense to produce shoes only in one region.

Now you can confidently say that the image works for the company. Galina passed all the obstacles of officials and misunderstanding of society. She proved that highly specialized fashion is in demand and needed.

Galina — wife

With husband Alexander Yevgenyevich Lysenko G. Volkova met in one of the ministries, where she came with the problem of expensive shoes for disabled people. The meeting was serious and exciting. Officials were reluctant to listen to the businesswoman. It was said that people with disabilities are cared for by the state, gives them annual grants for the purchase of special shoes.

But this meeting still brought Galina good luck not only in commercial, but also personal life. Among the officials was her future husband — Alexander. He then facilitated, and Galina was invited to an exhibition in Paris. There they met and socialized. A fateful meeting in the office took them first to the registry office and then to the church.

First place on Galina’s life pedestal is family, second place – love, third – work, fourth – success and achievement of goals.

Social entrepreneur

In childhood, mother told her daughter that nothing is given without difficulty, always it is necessary to attach effort and then it all works out. Today, she is often asked: what is the key to success? She always answers that success is primarily a strong, active and professional work and not only her, but the whole team. It doesn’t matter who manages the case: man or woman, the main thing is to do honestly, responsibly, purposefully and professionally.

From the very beginning, G. Volkova was directed to society. Her company employs several thousand people, 30% of them disabled. Her students participate in different competitions and exhibitions.

All production is brought to an innovative level. Continuous work is underway to improve the availability of services. I want people in need to also enjoy “smart” shoes and clothes from Galina Volkova.

In 2015, the Committee of Public Relations. Moscow awarded her the honorary title “Woman – Director of the Year”.

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