Galina Nenasheva: a brief biography

Childhood and adolescence

When there is a conversation about this singer in the midst of the melomans, it is sure to remember the song “The dimsman, don’t chase horses”, which she performed as a musical- dramatic poem. Galina Alekseevna Nenasheva had not only unique vocal data, but also the talent of a dramatic actress. Audiences and critics noted the identity of the performer and the peculiar interpretations of the songs she sang from the stage. Records with recordings of songs performed by Galina Alekseevna diverged in the country in millions of copies.

The future star of Soviet and Russian pop came to light on February 18, 1941 in the family of the military. Parents at that time lived in a garrison on the territory of Arkhangelsk region. His father served in the infantry unit and his mother worked in the local library. When war broke out, the head of the family went to the front. After the end of hostilities, his father was transferred to the small town of Chebarkul in the Urals. This is where the girl went to school. Galina’s musical abilities manifested in her early childhood. Neighbours on the barrack, where the family lived for several years, asked her to “reduce the volume” as she sang folk songs.

Professional activity

At school Galina studied not badly. However, all her spare time spent in rehearsals of the choir, in which she began to perform a soloist after a short period of time. It was later that she found out that she had absolute hearing. Natural abilities allowed the seventh grade student to become the winner of the festival of artistic self-activity of the Chelyabinsk region. She received her secondary education certificate in 1958. Nenashev was immediately invited to the choir of the Chelyabinsk Opera House. Since Galina had no musical education, she had to take experience from her senior colleagues.

Stage experience accumulated quickly. The talented performer received an offer to act as a soloist of the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Youth” at the Tambov Philharmonic Society. Galina toured with the band around the country, participated in recordings of recordings at the recording studio “Melody”. In 1968, Nenashev was invited to sing in the Moscow Music Hall. A year later, the singer recorded her first solo record mignon. In 1970 she became the winner of a variety song competition in the Polish city of Sopot.


recognition and personal life


Galin Nenashev without the slightest exaggeration knew in all corners of the Soviet Union. She performed the songs “I love you, Russia”, “Give me a headscarf”, “Kalinka”, “Unhateful My” and many others. In 2002, the singer was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of Russia”.


singer’s personal life developed safely. She married twice. In his first marriage, a son Leonid was born. The second family proved solid. Galina married Vladimir Nenashev. They had a daughter. The head of the family adopted the child from his first marriage and gave him his surname. Today, the singer and her husband resides in Moscow.

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