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Galina Andrianovna Fedorova was born in 1935 in Saratov. Mother raised kindness and mercy in her daughter. The family often experienced material difficulties. She received her acting education at Saratov Theatre School. She was hired at the Ryazan Drama Theatre, where she worked for thirty years. Subsequently, she began acting in films.

Actress of reincarnation

Theatre career G. Fedorova began when she was a schoolgirl performing with Oleg Tabakov at the Palace of Pioneers. They played pioneers. And during New Year’s Eve performances, Oleg was a hare, and Galina was a fox.

The best known productions featuring the artist are “Unequal Marriage”, “Mother and Son”, “Cruel Games”.
In the play “Love Yarovaya” she was given the role of her mother, who is 70 years old. The director said she would see what an actress she was. To understand the role, Galina went to the market to observe the elderly, their views, gestures. After the premiere, the director said she was a magnificent artist and that she could play anything. So was the reincarnation actress born.

Reincarnation in cinema

At the beginning of the twenty-first century Galina Andrianovna started acting in films. To date, there are more than three dozen roles in her film repertoire. Among them are major and secondary.
When she got a call about filming in the movie “Russian Babes,” she thought she was being cast. So in 2003 G. Fedorova played the first and main role in cinema. The film chronicles the lives of six elderly women and one man who were left to live in an abandoned village. His Zoya G. Fedorova played so that you believe her unconditionally.

In 2012, the actress starred in the film “Moscow. Three stations.” She got the role of the mother who killed her son. The picture begins with the heroine’s tears. Missing someone else’s pain through her was extremely hard. After the shooting day, she walked down the street, and under her tongue… a pill. To make the heart calm down.

She also played in the TV series “The Interns”. She was invited to the role without trial. According to the stories of her daughter, G. Fyodorova directors always praised, explained her successes by the old acting school. In Interns, she played an old woman who accused Varya of stealing her 500 rubles, and then it turned out she put money in a book. Everyone marveled at the skill of reincarnating the actress.

G. Fedorova also created many secondary images — a grandmother at the bus stop in the village,

a strange foreign woman, heads of the car base, a trader who sold flowers near the cemetery, village babka, widow of Hero of the Soviet Union, keeper in the museum, postman, visitor of clinic, lady with dog, cottage girl, hostess of elite cat.

From personal life

Husband G. Fedorova — Oleg Ivanovich Bordzilovsky, Honored Artist. He died in 1998.

Daughter — Bordzilovskaya Evgenia Olegovna — has three education: pedagogical, legal and artistic. Knows several languages. Husband, Fedor Sukhov, is a director and actor. Their family has a daughter, Sofya.

Parents from childhood took Evgenia with them on tour. In Ryazan, acting companies often gathered in their house. The daughter recalls that they had a very bread-making house. A father to her has always been a life hero, an ideal of male splendour.

Her parents didn’t really want Eugenie to become an actress, so pushed her into another profession. But after a certain time it was pulled to art.

Mother G. Fedorova — Evdokia Stepanovna told her daughter from childhood years that if she can help a person, it should be done necessarily. If he can’t, let him ask who can help. According to this motto lives the actress and now, and daughter Eugenia and granddaughter Sophia learn it from her.

Now the Honored Artist of the RSFSR in retirement, lives in Ryazan.

A man with a magnificent soul

The famous actress has made a decent theatrical and cinematic contribution. Kindness and soulfulness are her main qualities, which she has always been able to embody in the roles she has played.

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