Gaetano Donizettis opera “Don Pasquale”

The premiere of the play took place on the third day of 1843 at the Opéra Italiana de Paris.

The first act

Narrative opens the overture. It is followed by the first act consisting of 2 paintings.

Picture first

Action is torn off by the complaints of old bachelor Don Pasquale to pal, Dr. Malatesta. The old man laments both life and nephew. Pasquale dreams of marrying his heir Ernesto to to a rich bride in order to arrange family happiness with the young spouse himself.

However, the stubborn guy does not hurry to combine the bonds of marriage with the chosen uncle special. Moreover, Ernesto admitted that he already had a choice. The relative was so taken out of himself by such self-government that he pointed his nephew at the door. The young man must leave the house no later than tomorrow morning.

Painting second

In the house of Norina is a young widow and there is a choice of Ernesto. Beauty recalls how many applicants she rejected from the zav swine of feelings. Malatesta, who came to the girl, tells about Pasquale’s designs, offering Norina to teach the despot.

The Doctor decides to introduce Noreena as her sister growing up in a convent. Carlito, a relative of Malatesta, the notary will help draw up a fictitious prenuptial agreement. Safronia-Norina’s task will be to demonstrate in all the glory of the life of an elderly husband with a young wife. This widow willingly agrees to.


second act

bids farewell to his native home. Don Pasquale is happy to get rid of the guy quickly: now he can start a new life. Noreena and Malatesta come. The girl strikes the hero with modesty and roboity. The owner is so fascinated that he immediately makes a marriage. The imaginary notary Carlito doesn’t make himself wait. A nephew who broke in to say goodbye to a relative becomes a witness.

At the sight of the bride, the young man is shocked Not wanting to spoil the design, Malatesta quickly explains the idea to the guy, persuading to enter the participants of the draw and become a witness. Ernesto struggles to agree. The contract is signed.

A young spouse transforms. The humble is replaced by a real fury. She demands money from Pasquale and insists on attending Ernesto’s house. The old man realizes that he was badly mistaken in the family’s vision.

Third Act

The first picture of the third act shows a completely changed house. In it face servants, assailants with bills and goods. All services should be paid by the property owner shocked by this state of affairs. But his wife is pleased: Norina has received the selected outfits, jewels, is going to the reception.

Picture first

Outraged by her behavior Pasquale tries to detain windy spouse but she is not going to endure such behavior. Norina seemed to drop a note by accident. From her, the discouraged husband learns of having a rival, who is assigned a date in the garden.


old man is grasping at his head: this is in addition to the fact that he is almost ravaged by a huge number of servants demanding wages and goods to pay.

To the emerging Malatesta Pasquale complains about fate. He begs a buddy to help catch a woman red-handed in order to dissolve the marriage. The doctor agrees.

Painting the second

painting opens with a scene of waiting for Ernesto in the garden of Norina After the explanation, the couple have to break up, as the angry spouse of Lie-Safronia appears. Ernesto runs away and Norina claims nothing was happening. The plan fails, and Pasquale pleads for a divorce.

The appeared nephew, along with the doctor, opens to his uncle the mystery of their prank. The relative is not angry for long: he is happy that he can break up with a young spouse. After learning that Norina and Ernesto are in love with each other, the old man blesses the couple.

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