Francis Goya: biography, creativity, career and personal life


interested in guitar Francois Weier at 13. He started playing with sixteen in the rock band he founded with his brother “The Jivaros”.

The path to the vocation

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1946. The boy was born in Liège on May 16 in a family of musicians. Guitar boy learned to play at 13, and he performed with his friends and brother in a musical group performing soul. In 1966, due to the arrival of vocalist Lou Deprique on the team, the ensemble changed its name to “Les Liberty Six”.

Weyer became a member of the band “The J.J.Band” in 1970. With her, he made several tours of various countries and recorded albums. Five years later, in 1975, François made the decision to start a solo career under the name of Francis (Francis) Goya.


debutant began recording discs with the band “Plus”. The first thing, “Nostalgia”, which the guitarist dedicated to his father, turned into a world hit, bringing the creator recognition, “gold” and “platinum” discs.

Goya has given his concerts since the eighties. He turned into the most famous rock and jazz guitarist of his time. In between concerts, the artist would record albums, at least by compilation between tours. One of the few artists of instrumental music set a peculiar record: his discs dispersed in the number of 28 million copies worldwide.

World Glory

Together with the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre, the musician was the first of the artists of the light genre performed on the Russian stage in 1981, accompanied by the orchestra of Russian folk instruments and by the men’s choir. The result was the compilation “Moscow Nights”. It included made by the maestro unusual arrangements of several Russian popular songs.

Fascinated by Latin American music, the author and performer in 1991 presented the album “Bahia Lady” with Brazilian motifs. With Bolivian singer Carmina in two years, he recorded the passionate collections “Festival Latino” and “Noche Latino”. Simultaneously, Goya conducted the Luxembourg Orchestra at the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy. In 1993 he as a conductor appeared in the Eurovision Song Contest with the Orchestra of Ireland.

In 1994 there was a tour of Holland. In 1996, the new age album “Gondwana” was recorded. A couple of years later, the instrumentalist released a collection of songs by Jacques Brel, which gained popularity in Europe. The result of the collaboration with Richard Clyderman was another successful compilation.

A new collection was presented to fans in 2000. With the Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra the following year, the maestro toured Estonia. In their memory, he recorded a disc of works by the greatest composer of that country, Raymond Valgre.

On and off stage

In 2002 there was a presentation of the album with arrangements by Alexandra Pakhmutova, the artist’s favorite author. The presentation was held in St. Petersburg. Recordings in Asian countries received special recognition. Five years later there was a tour of Russia again.

For ten years, the musician has been constantly on tour trips. It is like a magician combines different styles, creating nothing similar author’s works, especially preferring combinations of classic Latin American melodies.

The maestro is involved in charity. He founded art and music school “Ateliers Art et Musique” in Marrakech, where since 2008 he lives with a virtuoso family, in 2010. The institution is aimed at everyone from beginners to professionals. A year later, the Francis Goya Foundation was founded to find talent and develop children from disadvantaged areas of the country.

The daughter of a musician, Valeria, works at the Foundation. The organization is responsible for concerts to purchase musical instruments and fund lessons in creative disciplines for children.

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