Florian Clou de Bunevial Armstrong (Daido): biography, creativity, career and personal life

Florian Clou de Bunevial Armstrong inherited French roots from her mother, literary agent and poetess. According to her father, she’s Irish. Daido star was called at home as a child.

The path to purpose


biography of the future singer began in 1971. The child appeared on December 25 in London in the family of the book publisher William Armstrong. Music carried the baby away as a child. The girl learned to play the flute, mastered the piano and violin.

Doido received her education at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Then there was study at the Faculty of Law of the Metropolitan University with simultaneous work as a literary agent.

The stage career started in 1995. The older brother suggested his sister perform with his band “Faithless”. Then there was the album “Odds & Ends” sent to the management of the company “Nettwerk”. The talented performer was paid attention in the United States.


Popularity brought the composition “Thank you”, played in the motion picture “Careful, the Doors Close”. The singer released a new compilation “No Angel” with a presentation in 1999. The track hit “Here with Me” became a screensaver to the telenovella “Roswell”. An invitation to collaborate came from Eminem in 2001.


couplet from the song Daido the rapper used in his single “Stan” .Discussion in the world press of Eminem’s album “The Marshall Mathers LP”, as well as participation in filming the music video as rapper Daido’s girlfriend further increased interest in the singer’s work.

The new disc “Life for Rent” became superpopular, ahead of the performer was waiting for a worldwide tour. Touring concerts have always been held with an enschlag.

Life on and off stage her

New album 2008 “Safe Trip Home” was praised by critics, nominating the singer for a Grammy. For the film “Sex and the Big City 2″, the producers of the picture chose the lead singer’s single “Everything to Lose” as soundtrack. Daido’s new work “If I Rise” a 2011 was intended for the film tape “127 Hours”. The award was the prize for best song from the Filmmakers Association.

Rollo Armstrong, the singer’s brother, took part in the work on the new disc. After the compilation “Greatest Hits”, the vocalist decided to end her collaboration with RCA Records for the sake of independent activities. After presenting the album with previously unreleased songs, there was a pause in the oeuvre.

The vocalist does not seek to advertise personal life. For seven years, she had an affair with lawyer Bob Page. The couple broke up after the presentation of Florian’s debut disc. The new choice and husband of the artist was Roen Gavin in 2010. In July 2011, Stanley’s son appeared.

All the time the singer dedicates to family. For her sake, Florian left the stage, scheduling, however, a comeback. There are no new shots on the vocalist’s Instagram. She doesn’t visit social media. But Daido does not hide that is a dedicated fan of Arsenal football club.

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