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Brief biography The

 future actress was released on October 30, 1981 in the small American town of Woodstock, located in northern Ulster County, New York – York. It was no surprise that the girl had an interest in acting since early childhood. She probably got the genes of a talented father, the diverse actor Brad Durif, who performed equally successfully both in Oscar-winning pictures and low-trial films. The mother of the girl, psychologist Jonina Durif supported Fiona’s fascination with acting and helped to develop in this direction.

American actor, Fiona Dourif’s father Brad Dourif Photograph: Diane Krauss/Wikimedia Commons

Fiona Dourif – not the only child in the family. She has a half-sister to her father, Christina Dourif, who was born in 1976. As for the education of the actress, here she does not advertise in which colleges and universities she studied. Only known is that Fiona attended college in Ireland for three years.

Fiona Dourif’s

career and work

made her film debut in 2004, singing the role of light behavior girl Shaz Ami in the popular American TV series “Deadwood”. The actress was 23 years old at that point.

For the next few years, Dourif continued to star in television projects. She appeared in such series as “Law & Order: Special Corps”, “Thief”, “True Blood”, “Kill Boredom”, “Teammates”.

Speech by Fiona Dourif and American actress Jade Eshete at the Convention Center in San Diego, 2017 Photograph: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/Wikimedia Commons

In 2006, she received her first role in the feature film “A Small Shack”. In 2008, Dourif performed one of the key roles in the dramatic story “Garden Party”. However, the film did not have much success and went unnoticed.

A few years later, the actress performed a minor role in director Oren Moverman’s dramatic picture “The Messenger”. And then she played the main character in the short film “Athena”.

Between 2010 and 2012, Fiona Dourif starred in a number of films and TV series which received good reviews from film critics. Among them are “Defender”, “Shameless”, “Letters from the Big Man”, “Master” and others.

But real notoriety for the actress came the role of Nicky Pearce in the horror film The Curse of Chucky, which was introduced by director Don Mancini in 2013. The story of a girl chained to a wheelchair and a Chucky doll, with whom a string of bloody murders is associated, has had success with viewers around the world. Interestingly, the actress’s father Brad Dourif, who voiced the killer puppet, took part in work on the film.

American actress Anna-Lynn McChord Photo: Mingle Media TV/Wikimedia Commons

In 2014, Fiona performed one of leading roles in the American action film “Double Play”. The actress’s set partners were Hollywood stars such as Steven Segal, Anna-Lynn McChord and George Eads. In the same year, several more paintings featuring Durif came out, including “Dangerous Words from the Fearless”, “Dear Character”, “Fear Clinic” and “She”.

The actress was later busy filming films such as “The Player”, “Native Blood”, “Wood Demon” and others. And between 2016 and 2017, she performed one of the key roles in the American fantasy series “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”, where Durif’s partners were Elijah Wood, Samuel Barnett, Hannah Marks and others. The plot of the miniseries film is based on the adventures of detective Dirk Gently and his partner Todd Brotzman, who is forced to endure his eccentric superior.

American actor Elijah Wood, 2017 Photo: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/Wikimedia Commons

Parallel to filming in the painting “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency”, she performed in such paintings as “Her Last Will”, “The Mafia”, “Medium”, and others.

In 2017, Don Mancini presented the seventh film in a series of stories about Chucky’s killer doll, “The Cult of Chucky”, where Dourif once again played the main character, Nica Pierce. A year later, she performed a minor role as a leader of the spiritual movement in the American TV series “Judgment Night”. And in 2019, Durif got the lead role in the miniseries “#LifeOnAir”.

Currently, the actress continues to star in movies. In 2020, several premierships with her participation are planned at once. So, in May Durif can be seen in the dramatic picture “Unsinkable”. And in July, director Christopher Nolan will present an action film called “The Case”, where she will perform one of the lead roles.

Family and Personal Life

The talented actress and simply beautiful woman Fiona Dourif certainly enjoys the attention of the opposite sex. However, she is in no hurry to enter into serious relationships and to bind herself through the bonds of marriage.

Panoramic view of evening Los Angeles Photograph: Henning Witzel/Wikimedia Commons

Currently Fiona is focused on her career, actively starring in movies and TV projects, and she seems to like being away from everything connected with romance and feelings. The actress lives in Los Angeles, realizes her creative plans and enjoys life.

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