Fedya Karmanov: brief biography

Starting conditions

 In the information field Fedya Karmanov, as a performer and arranger has identified himself already in adulthood. The fact is that the future singer in the genre of chanson appeared on March 13, 1955 in the ordinary Soviet family. At that time, the parents lived in the small Tatar village of Tylnamas. The birth certificate recorded — Karamov Farhad Fridovich. A stage alias will appear later when the need arises.

When the boy turned two years old, his father was invited to the famous city of Perm to build an industrial enterprise. At the new place, the first time had to huddle in a wagon. Then the family was allocated two rooms in the barrack. And after a year provided a three-room apartment in a new high-rise house. Fedya showed musical and vocal abilities from an early age. Easily memorized the motif and lyrics of songs that were heard on radio and television. A music school opened near the house, where he was enrolled in a class teaching violin playing.

Creative activity

After graduating from high school, Karmanov decided to get a profile education in Perm music school. In his student years, like many of his friends, Fedya began working in the evenings in cafes and restaurants. A certain part of the musical beaumond is skeptical of entertainment establishments. However, knowledgeable people rate musicians who have practiced in restaurants very highly. Speaking to an unpredictable audience, a violinist or guitarist needs to be ready to perform whatever tune the customer orders.


talented performer after graduation was invited to the composition of the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Ryabins-Berries”. After a while, Karmanov accepted the invitation and left for Moscow, where colleagues performing at the Gloria restaurant waited for him. It was here that he tried himself as a vocalist. Karmanov’s unique voice engagingly acts on listeners. He would perform opera parts, but Fedya chose a chanson. Starting in 1990, he works in the group “Lots-Men”, which was led by fellow countryman and an old acquaintance of musician Anatoly Polotno.

Recognition and personal life

As part of the vocal and instrumental collective Fedya Karmanov began to perform not only in restaurants, but also on stage, television and other venues. The first recorded album was called “The Tramp”. In a duet with Anatoly Polotno, singer and violinist Fedya Karmanov performs and currently.


singer’s personal life developed safely. Fedya Karmanov married once and for all. Husband and wife have lived under the same roof for many years. Raised and raised a daughter, Marcela. The head of the family continues to conduct active creative and concert activities. And leisure time together with Anatoly Polotno likes to spend fishing.

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