Features and properties of the prasiolite

According to legend, the brooch with prasiolite was presented to Catherine the Second by Stanisław August Poniatowski. The decoration so startled the Empress that she wore it with all the outfits. It is believed that the mascot helped strengthen Russia’s position and increase the influence of the Tsarina herself in the world.

Appearance and features

No deposits of gems related to quartz rocks have been found. Only single specimens have been found. According to archaeologists once the deposits were, but completely dried up. There is evidence of the artificial origin of the mineral.

There are descriptions of the process of obtaining green stone from quartz. Ural craftsmen once baked amethyst bread in a loaf for the mineral to acquire a pleasant green hue. In modern times, light or transparent quartz heat up to 500 degrees.

Natural prasiolite never differs in brightness of coloration. There are dark and light specimens. However, there are no bright green among them. It’s a sign of artificial origin. The mineral is well served cut, although considered brittle.


Healers have long used the therapeutic properties of prasiolite. The water, in which the gemcolor lay for a long time, became a healing decoction.


Modern Lithotherapists apply stone:

  • to combat overwork, stress and emotional tension;
  • to eliminate cardiopathologies;
  • against nightmares and insomnia;
  • in the fight against cosmetic problems;
  • in

  • order to get rid of respiratory diseases;
  • in cold diseases.

Wash with water, in which prasiolite was insisted, cleanses the skin from rashes, pigmentation, promotes rejuvenation. The healing fluid perfectly combats and respiratory ailments. Constant wearing of the mascot allows you to quickly overcome all symptoms of influenza and SARI.

The mineral is effective at restoring memory and for strengthening immunity. It is used to cure sclerosis.

Magic Magicians

are sure that the jewel is a great mascot. However, only strong esoterics can use it. Inexperienced adepts received illusions that nullified all the magician’s actions. The self-color in the role of amulet brings a lot of benefit:

  • It helps to develop eloquence and oratory talent. Therefore, the ancient philosophers constantly carried with them, so that the speeches gained coherence, beauty and proper meaning.
  • Affects creativity. The owner of the mascot is able to bring to life the most unusual images.
  • It attracts luck and wealth. This ability is enhanced if the stone is converted into silver.
  • Criminal designs are eliminated.
  • The amulet promotes the preservation of marital fidelity.


a great extent the effectiveness of the amulet is determined both by its frame and location on the body. The best option is light metal, platinum or silver:

  • If you wear an amulet on your chest, sensuality, loyalty and loyalty are enhanced. Especially suitable for this impact brooch.
  • Rings are put on hand to increase self-confidence and attract material wealth.
  • Making

  • the right decisions promotes the bracelet.
  • The earrings will return a good mood.
  • The pendant will attract love and relieve the enviers.
  • The necklace will bring success and will have a rejuvenating effect.

Jewelers willingly apply gems to make jewelry. Usually combine it with other stones. The rarity of the prasiolite made the use of synthetic analogues possible. You can recognize natural stones by brightness, it is small, transparency, uniqueness of coloring and slow heating in your hands.

Synthetic gems decorate souvenirs, watch bracelets.


Stone requires proper care. Wearing it during the daytime is not desirable, as sunlight causes loss of brightness. Keep the decoration away from the light. Synthetic samples do not have such a problem.

  • The product and mechanical damage are feared. Keep accessories in caskets with soft coating or in special bags.
  • Before water treatments, all decorations are removed.
  • Cleaning is carried out infrequently dipped in a weak soap solution with a soft cloth.

There are

no contraindications to wear for any sign of the Zodiac. Confidence and calm gets every owner. However, wearing decoration is important to one person, as energy accumulates to be passed on to another host. When obtaining stone by inheritance, energy cleaning with water and salt is required.

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