Falconry Eye: Magical and Curative Properties of Stone

Stone revered in ancient Egypt. It was called the eye of Horus, which was knocked out by the god Seth. There are different options for how exactly this happened. Some legends state that Seth knocked out his eye with a spear, others with a leg kick.

According to Egyptians, it is thanks to this stone has unique magical and healing properties. The falconry eye was worn because it believed that it was capable of bringing the dead man back into the world of the living. With his help, the Egyptians tried to cheat death.

In India, the stone was called hawkish eye. He was associated with Brahma. According to legends, the god left his eyes on the earth to see the events taking place. In India, stone can cost more than diamonds.


healing properties of the falconic eye

  1. is able to increase immunity. It has a beneficial effect on the body, strengthening it and protecting against colds.
  2. Stress can be handled with the help of stone.
  3. Will help to get rid of long-term physical illness.
  4. Lithotherapists advise to use the mineral when it is necessary to cope with gastrointestinal diseases.
  5. It is recommended to wear to restore skin cover. With his help, the wounds are fused faster.
  6. Some legends say that due to the falconry eye, bones are gathered faster after fractures.
  7. Getting rid of headaches is another healing property of falconry eye.
  8. The stone will help to relieve painful sensations in arthritis.
  9. It

  10. helps if there are problems with the spine. To do this, you need to regularly massage using crystals.
  11. Gem needs to be used to cope with depression.
  12. If you look into the falconry eye regularly for a few minutes, you can return the clarity of mind and calm the nervous system.

The magical properties of the falconry eye

  1. Mineral enhances intuition and reveals the abilities for clairvoyance.
  2. With the help of stone, it is possible to strengthen relationships with loved ones. Self color helps to cope with conflict situations.
  3. Falconry eye helps develop intelligence.
  4. With the help of a crystal, you can meet a soulmate.
  5. Gem protects against dangers. Therefore, wear is recommended by firefighters, military and rescue workers.
  6. Protects against smooths and spoilage.
  7. Stone helps move up the career ladder and cope with financial difficulties.
  8. Help to fight fears is another magical property of falconry eye.

Who fits the falconry eye

Astrologers believe that the stone is perfect for the Lions and Sagittarians. Representatives of these zodiacal signs will be able to take advantage of all properties of the falconry eye.

It is possible to carry the mineral Aquarius and Capricorns. With the help of stone, representatives of these signs will be able to improve relations with the second half, find the love of their life. Thanks to the mineral, their marriage will become strong and stable.


mineral Ovnam and Rakam will be suitable. He will protect them from spoilage, energy vampires and surges. Crayfish due to falconry eye will become more successful in professional activity.

It is not recommended to purchase stone to Devas and Scorpions. They falconry not only will not help, but also will hurt. Other signs of the zodiac can wear stone, but its properties will not be used.

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