Evgeny Morgunov: brief biography

Childhood and youth

 In the life of this actor there were extraordinary events, about which few people know. Although he didn’t make any secret of it. Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Morgunov came to light on April 27, 1927 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents lived in the city of Moscow. His father worked in the famous cutting tool factory. The mother worked as a nurse at a polyclinic. As a child, Zhenya was no different from her peers. The favorite game of the boys of that time was football. They could spend all days “racing” on the allotted heel a rag ball and even an empty canning jar.

In 1941 war broke out, his father went to the front and soon fell the death of the brave. Evgeny and his mother decided not to leave for evacuation and stayed at home. Morgunov was accepted to the factory “Freser”, where he mastered the profession of turner and engaged in rolling artillery shells. Grocery ration young turner received very scarce. The war was remembered for the future actor by a constant feeling of hunger. However, this did not stop Eugene from attending classes of the theater studio, which continued to operate under the home of the pioneers.

The Morguns’ creative way

played different roles in amateur performances. But he wanted to become a professional actor. In 1943, a young man wrote a letter to Comrade Stalin asking him for help in entering a theatre school. Wrote not particularly hoping for an answer. However, two weeks later, the director of the Freser plant received a letter asking him to send Evgeny to the theatre school at the Moscow Chamber Theatre. After his first year of training he transferred to VGIK and took a course of training in Sergei Gerasimov’s workshop. In 1948 he received his diploma and entered service at the Motion Picture Actor Theatre.

Morgunov was entrusted to play the first significant role in the film “Young Guard”. After this project, the actor starred in patriotic paintings for more than a decade. Similar films flew across the country’s screens and after a week were forgotten. In the early 60s, the actor was invited to participate in a series of comedy films, which was directed by Leonid Gaiday. Until today the paintings “Moonshiners”, “Pes-Barbos and unusual cross”, “Operation A and other adventures of Shurik” remain in demand. In that period the actor knew in the face of the whole country.

Recognition and personal life

About Morgunov’s personality and his characters are still being discussed in the midst of art historians. Some critics point out that the character of the actor was complex, which is called, not a gift. For long and conscientious work he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the RSFSR”.


actor’s personal life developed without special incidents and criminal plots. Morgunov was married twice. The first marriage broke down after ten years. The second time Evgeny Aleksandrovich married a girl who was younger than him by 13 years. Husband and wife raised and raised two sons. The actor died in June 1999 after suffering a stroke.

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