Evgeny Martynov: brief biography

Starting conditions

People with positive talent don’t meet very often. Yevgeny Grigorievich Martynov, a popular pop performer had the voice of a special, velvety timbre. His songs, played on radio or television, were immediately picked up by grateful viewers. Memorable melodies and heartwarming lyrics gave people joy and desire to live in harmony with the world around them. A special magical property was possessed by the song “Apple trees in color”. The singer, when performing this song himself, as if, radiated life-affirming energy.


future performer and composer came to light on 22 May 1948 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in Kamyshin city of Stalingrad region. His father taught music and singing lessons at a local school. The mother worked as a nurse at the district health clinic. When the boy turned three, the Martynovs moved to Donbass, to his father’s birthplace. The boy showed musical ability early on. The fact is that at home often played Russian and Ukrainian folk songs, which the head of the family liked to sing.

Creative activity

Play Bayan and accordion Eugene learned at home. When age came, the boy was enrolled in music school, where he mastered the technique of playing the clarinet. After graduating from high school, Martynov decided to receive higher musical education and entered the conducting and brass faculty of the Donetsk Pedagogical Institute. Already during his student years he persistently engaged in making musical compositions. From under his pen came several romances and pieces for clarinet and piano. Having received a diploma, the young specialist came to work as the head of the variety orchestra of Donetsk Research Institute of Explosion-Safe Equipment.

In 1972, Martynov wrote the song “Berezka” to poems by Sergei Yesenin, which was performed by Maya Kristalinskaya. Audiences and critics liked the song. A year later, the young composer moved to Moscow. He was hired at Rosconzert on a soloist bid. At a huge load on the main place of work, Yevgeny writes songs on poems by Ilya Reznik, Mikhail Plyatskovsky, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Andrei Dementiev. In addition to this, I managed to record records at Melody studio.

Recognition and personal life

By the late 70s, Yevgeny Martynov’s name became known throughout the Soviet Union. He drove a lot around the cities and weights of the great country with concerts. In the most remote corners of the Union knew and loved the songs “Father’s Letter”, “Land of Flowers”, “Echo of First Love”. Martynov was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize for his great contribution to the aesthetic education of young people.

Yevgeny Martynov’s personal life developed safely. He married just once. Husband and wife raised a son. By tragic accident, the singer died of cardiac arrest at the age of forty-three.

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