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From biography

 Evgeny Mikhailovich Kravtsov was born in Altai Krai in 1965. He received his art education at the Novoaltai Art School, where he later taught, and at the Russian Academy of Painting, Folding and Architecture. He was the head of the Department of Painting and Drawing at the Moscow Academic Art School.

Monochrome artistic work

Evgeny Kravtsov writes monochrome landscapes, portraits, still lifes. The artist focuses on the external data of a particular subject. It is an oil painting with a pale brown color. His pieces are similar to old photographs. The reception of monochrome (under old photography) by artists is rarely applied. He’s in search of his way of constructing artistic space. Subtle details complementing the description of the subject immerse the viewer in the world of the ordinary.

Such paintings by E. Kravtsov, as “Mezen Boats”, “Palashchelier”, “Northern Night” are dedicated to their favorite nature of the Russian North. He paints the river Lipenka, the old park, the flooded vegetable garden, the view of the university, etc. landscapes.

He likes to depict everyday everyday everyday items: garlic, baskets, sewing machine, iron oven, bouquet of linen powder, apples with black napkin, spilled milk.

On portraits of E. Kravtsov depicted a man digging potatoes, chopping firewood holding a spit, two in the rain, a woman who made a careless move.

E. Kravtsov differs from most modern avant-garde artists. All his paintings are revealing the simplicity of the Russian soul.

Impartial finds a haven

Painting “rolling field” pushes the viewer to the question: why the artist wanted to paint this plant. The grey background is winter, and on the white snow it is still visible. The ball-shaped shape of thin sprigs with each other. The tips of twigs are as if alive and still want to live. And why is the grid drawn? To contain it so it stops being a rolling field. Probably also want to stop the person, that he decided on the place of residence, that the impartial found a thorough haven.

Antiquated village

In the painting “Palaschelier” a rustic landscape. A number of thickly constructed hubs. It feels like the tes is old. Not wide grassy road along which geese are headed. Not far from the house are broken logs. The gray unsightly look of the outdated village acts oppressive, but this is reality, and there is nowhere to go from it.

Well, let water get drunk

As if the artist, creating the painting “The Well”, wants to leave a dying symbol to memory endangered villages. Winter time of year. The water in the bucket sparkles and beckons. Although the bucket is unsightly, it feels its cleanliness and freshness. From the grayish attributes of the village the heart is scarred.

Lingerie smells like snow

In the painting “Winter,” the artist depicted one of the moments of the village lifestyle. A cute young woman in winter came to collect lingerie. A small white furry shawl is scrawled over the head and covers the shoulders a little. Now she will collect fresh, snow-smelling underwear.

The humble bouquet

strikes the modesty of the painting “Lily”. Against a dark grey background, a bouquet of slightly white lilies. Although there are no bright colors, the vase is unsightly, but the first spring flowers are still good.

What happened?

Don’t get past the picture “Man in the Boat” without thinking about the questions: Is the man tired? Oslab and resting? Hiding? Why is all this happening? The water is gray, muddy, and the man probably has a murky soul. Or maybe, on the contrary, he calmed down and thinks that the course of it will take away from the trouble. And most of all I want, without asking questions, to give him a helping hand.

The artist today

Currently the artist lives and works in the city. Kosterevo of Vladimir region. Participates in Russian and foreign exhibitions.

For the Voronezh Museum E. Kravtsov painted a copy of the portrait of Baroness Sofya Nikolaevna Staal von Holstein, which is in the Chelyabinsk Museum.

Works of artist E. Kravtsov, which can be seen at the exhibition “Corrosion. Deformities” in Ryazan, surprise with the peculiarity of the theme, the non-standard approach to the selection of subjects that will soon disappear in the modern world. And imprinted on the paintings they will live for a long time.

Governor Nikolay Lyubimov spoke at the opening of this exhibition.

Career of famous artist E. Kravtsova succeeded. He is a self-sufficient and individual creator. His non-standard paintings express his human and creative essence.

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