Evgeny Blinov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Evgeny Grigorievich Blinov is a famous balalaechnik, a legendary teacher who trained many musicians to play this instrument.


For his long life Evgeny Blinov saw many events of the country. He was born in the formative era of the Soviet government — in 1925. As a teenager, Eugene met the war, felt difficult post-war years. He survived Perestroika, the collapse of the USSR. Evgeny Blinov lived 93 years. There was no famous balalaecnik in November 2018.


Evgeny Blinov was born in Serebryanka village. This settlement was located near the river with the same name, which flows into the river Chusovaya.

Evgeny had a mother, Alexandra Mikhailovna, and a father, Grigory Nikolaevich.

The father of the future musician himself played the balalaika and guitar, while the parent worked as an accountant at the factory. Husband and wife loved music. They even met in the church choir, as they were both here singing. And in 1918 Alexandra and Gregory tied themselves together by the bonds of marriage.

At this time, the Civil War was rattled. When the Reds came to the village of Serebryanka, they appointed Grigory Nikolayevich Blinov as the manager of the plant.


passed several years when Blinova’s husband and wife decided to leave for Nevyansk and then for a larger one — Sverdlovsk. In this city Grigory Nikolaevich became the chief accountant of the plant.

First this couple had a boy Eugene. His parents called him just that because the child’s father loved the opera “Eugene Onegin” very much. After 3 years, another boy appeared in the family. Zhenya’s younger brother was decided to name Vladimir. This name was given to the boy by his father, so the second hero of the opera “Eugene Onegin” was called Vladimir Lensky.

The family changed residence frequently. When Yevgeny was 6 years old, together with his parents and brother he left for Kazakhstan. Here his father again worked as chief accountant.

At this age, the boy began learning how to play balalaika. The game of this instrument was given to him by the coachman Semyon.

At the age of 8, the boy took the stage for the first time and played the balalaika.

In 1937, Evgeny’s father was arrested and sentenced for 10 years.

Then Yevgeny Grigoryevich’s mother decided to leave with children to the Urals to her brother. Alexandra Mikhailovna and her sons lived in the same dark room. Due to lack of light, Eugene began to plant his eyesight.


At the age of 15, Evgeny Blinov decided to enter the music school of Sverdlovsk. He withstood his exams with success, although he played by hearing without knowing the notes. Soon the Great Patriotic War began. The young man, together with his classmates, acted before the Soviet military, children also played in hospitals.

Postwar time

In 1946, Yevgeny Grigorievich entered the Kiev Conservatory. When he was in his last year, he began teaching at the children’s music school of that city.

He then received higher musical education, began working at the Folk Instruments Department until 1962. Then the musician was awarded the title of associate professor.

Personal life

The first wife Yevgenia Blinova Lyudmila was a student of the Conservatory of Kiev. She gave the musician a son, Alexander. The second wife was a girl named Iskrina.

Evgeny Blinov lived 93 years. He made a great contribution to the popularization of the game on balalaika.

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