Eugenie: History, Meaning and Charactery

Eugen’s birthday notes on the eve of Christmas. Judging by one of the interpretations, Zhenya is a special person, probably close to God. Therefore, the fate of a noble personality is special: perhaps there is any talent.

What is the name of the

name of the name of the name translated as “noble” of the name notes on January 6. Datu is also called Angel Day. The mentioned holiday may fall several times or once a year. It is the day of veneration of a saint whose name is a child.

Everyone has the right to decide whether to believe or not, but the name given at birth plays a significant role. It has a certain meaning, it allows a lot to say about the medium.

That is why it is desirable to name the baby after the celestial patron, whose name came on the date of the appearance of the baby. In this case, there will always be a guardian angel with a person who protects against life’s adversity.

The history of the name

of the Name of the bearer began to be celebrated on the church calendar almost at the same time as the celebration Christmas. Saint Eugene appeared in 183. A girl was born in Rome, in the family of the imperial viceroy Philip. Education smart and beautiful heiress received excellent. What distressed parents were the reluctance of their daughter to marry.


girl was more fascinated with reading the holy scripture, the lives of saints. She wanted to become a Christian woman. This wish proved so strong that a sixteen-year-old girl, changed into men’s clothing, left her parents’ home and petitioned the abbot of the monastery for baptism.

The girl told Ellius that she dreams of living a monastic life, serving God. Even having understood who was in front of him, the abbot did not oppose the request of the supplicant, and called her Evgeny.

The Lord gave her the gift of healing. The envious nun appeared before the ruler. He exonerated the daughter who was mourned as the dead, rejoicing that she was alive. However, Philip soon died and Eugenie was again tried by the ruler on charges of preaching celibacy.

Executed her on December 25 at 262. On this day the names of the martyrs began to celebrate. However, due to the subsequent increase in the significance of the date, the day of the angel Eugenia of Rome was postponed to 24 December or 6 January according to the new style.


Evgenia is welcoming, economical, welcoming, can and perfectly cook, and perfectly serve the table. Besides, Zhenya never spends money. She understands the funds could come in handy at any moment.

Changing the fate of the kind is very readable and intellectual. Such personality is distinguished by a refined taste and love of art. However, age adds resentment and stubbornness to the characterization.

At the slightest objections, Evgenia is out of herself. Equilibrium in this case is broken even by trifles, and often the instigator of conflict is Zhenya herself. This behavior often provokes family problems. But children mother adore, though slightly hurt because of rigor.

The mascot of the noble personality is jade. Successful colors are white, green and blue.

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