Eugene Mukhin: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Starting conditions

 In the early 1990s, when the economy of the Russian Federation was transitioning to market mechanisms of functioning, many citizens did not have specific knowledge. There were very few reliable sources of information on how to start your business, too. Yevgeny Davydovich Mukhin at that time held the position of chief engineer at Yaroslavl Institute “Gipropribor”. The institute was involved in designing instrument manufacturing enterprises, production lines and machining machines. A significant part of the plants operating in the Soviet Union were designed by specialists of this institute.

The new conditions required new knowledge. At the same time, the accumulated baggage of experience and skills had its value. The future entrepreneur came to light on December 13, 1951 in an ordinary Soviet family. The parents resided in the famous city of Yaroslavl. His father worked in the regional statistics department. Her mother taught mathematics at a local university. Eugene grew up a calm and deliberate child. The boy learned to read early. Easily memorized poems and content of read books. Mukhin studied well at school, although he was not among the excellent students. I was engaged with great desire in a circle of technical creativity.

Against the objections of his parents, Evgeny entered the local auto mechanical school after the eighth grade. Here he displayed his aptitude for precise sciences and technical creativity. The student took place in the workshops of Yaroslavl Motor Plant. He mastered the specialty of miller. After that he qualified as a fitter picker of the 2nd category. After graduating from the technical school, in 1972, Mukhina was distributed to Yaroslavl machine-building plant “Proletarskaya Svoboda”. The production career of the young specialist folded successfully. Three months later, he was transferred to the position of a technology engineer.

After two years, Mukhin was transferred as a replacement master to the plant of fuel equipment. At the new position Evgeny Davydovich keenly felt the lack of special knowledge. To fill the gap, he decided to pursue higher technical education at the All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute. In 1982, he was presented with the Diploma of Mechanical Engineer. A few months after this pleasant event, Mukhin was invited to the position of head of department in Yaroslavl branch of the project institute “Gipropribor”. By the early 90s, he was serving as Chief Project Engineer.

Business activity 

Economic transformation in the country began with the liquidation of old enterprises on the ground and creating new ones.$ Evgeny Mukhin clearly caught the direction of the “main blow” and didn’t wait for mercy from others. Already at the end of 1991, he established the small enterprise “Incomproekt” and headed it. For several years, Muhin had to deal with a wide variety of activities. The company took orders to develop project documentation for large and small companies. Participated in the wholesale supply of food and everyday goods. In 1995, the small enterprise was transformed into a limited liability company.

Strenuous, at times associated with health risks, activities were bearing fruit. In 1996, Mukhin took the position of General Director of Yaroslavsky Gipropribor Joint Stock Company. After three years, he merged the structures subordinate to him into a single holding. To ensure a decent salary to staff and not to become dependent on criminal elements, Mukhin made decisions strictly within the framework of the current legislation. Applying for participation in competitions for privatization of urban infrastructure, he always took into account the interests of people who live in the district.


the same time, the businessman calculated optimal options for obtaining a high rate of profit. A shopping mall on the outskirts of town will not provide as much revenue as a one-stop shop located in a central area. Over time at the disposal of the entrepreneur were shopping centers “Cosmos”, “Olympus”, “Tsentralny”. A worthy contribution to the regional budget began to be made by cafes and restaurants, which were owned by Mukhin. Among them are popular among residents and guests of Yaroslavl “Melnik”, “Anchor”, “Sputnik”.

Politics and personal life

At the beginning of zero years Yevgeny Mukhin became the owner of the regional newspaper “Yaroslavskaya Week”. The printed edition on a permanent basis formed a favorable image of the businessman for residents of the area. In 2004 Mukhin was elected deputy of Yaroslavl Regional Duma according to the lists of LDPR party. Evgeny Davydovich was actively engaged in issues of economic policy and local budgets. After four years, the MP moved to the ranks of the United Russia party. As an MP dealt with issues of industry and entrepreneurship.

In 2013, Mukhin retired from the regional Duma and focused on his entrepreneurial projects. The details of his personal life Evgeny Davydovich does not advertise, but also does not hide. He resides by legal marriage. Husband and wife raised and raised three children. At the moment, they try to meet and communicate with their grandchildren as often as possible.

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