Eugene Havtan: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Evgeny Lvovich prefers directions of indie, jazz, blues, rockabilly. He plays original and classical guitars, mastered the dobro instrument, writes music for it. In addition to the legendary collective, the musician founded a new band “Los Havtanos”, playing in the style of “miki-maus-latino pop”.

The road to fame

The biography of the future composer and vocalist began in 1961. The child appeared in Moscow on October 16 in the family of an engineer and teacher of foreign languages. After 8 years, the boy had a younger sister, Rita.

The house often hosted concerts, relatives played and sang, the family kept a fine collection of records. A schoolboy who preferred exclusively humanitarian disciplines at 14 mastered guitar, studied at music school. Gifted by his parents, the tool was forever the most expensive for him.

The high school kid created his team. She performed at Havtan’s prom. The older infatuation of the son was serious didn Parents insisted on Evgeny’s admission to the technical university.

Success The

beginning of a professional career was a collaboration with the Rare Bird Ensemble while studying. In “Postscriptum”, Havtan was invited by Igor Sukachev. Then the young musician realized that he needed his own team. In 1983, the band Bravo appeared. She made her debut at the disco in Krylatsky on December 23. The student who graduated with a major in railway engineering graduated in 1987.

In the mid-eighties, Havtan’s collective took part in the popular program “Music Ring”. The band’s songs gained popularity. The team’s first album came out in 1987. From that point on, foreign tours began. The ensemble soloist Zhanna Aguzarova helped the children to maintain a high bar. So her decision to start a solo career came as a blow. The ex-soloist was briefly replaced by Irina Epifanova.


new vocalist was Valery Syutkin in 1990. After his departure, the founder himself decided to soloist in the group. In 1992 a studio album was released with lyrics by Syutkin and music by Havtan. The new soloist in 1996 was Robert Lentz.

Vocation and Family

One of the best works of the critic team called the album “Fashion”, which was released in September 2011. In 2018, Bravo group presented to fans the collection “Bravopristic”. In July of that year, together with singer Jana Blinder and professional musicians from Cuba, Havtan created the collective “Los Havtanos”. He plays the author’s music in the Latin style.

Evgeny Lvovich doesn’t want to tell about personal life. His wife Marina is an economist engineer. In 1993, a child, daughter Pauline, appeared in the family. By her profession she chose film critic

Havtan was a crewman on the sailboat “Sedov”. After completing the week-long swim together with the band, the musician gave anniversary concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The capital shu and fuss musician does not like. So he prefers to live outside the city. He takes pleasure in doing outdoor yoga and rides with his daughter on a bike. Evgeny Lvovich collects vintage electric guitars and amplifiers.

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