Epistinia Stepanova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Epistinia Stepanova is a soldier’s mother. She is known for the fact that 9 sons of this heroic woman died at the front during the war, during the period of battles with enemies, due to injuries.



“Mother Heroine” was born on the farm “named after the First May” in November 1874, then it lived in Kuban.

Epistinia Fedorovna started working early. Already at the age of 8 years she battered: cleaned bread, grazed poultry.


girl saw the future husband Stepanov Mikhail Nikolaevich only when he arrived to swallow to her. Michael was born in 1878. And after the revolution he was a foreman of a collective farm.

Epistinia Fedorovna was left a widow early on. In 1934, she didn’t become her husband. So ended the woman’s personal life. The young wife and mother were left with young children in her arms.

Epistinia Stepanova had a very hard fate. She was losing her children one by one.

At first, Stesha’s daughter was not When the girl was 4 years old, she inconceivably poured boiling water on herself and boiled it. When Epistinia Stepanova was ready to become a mother again, her twin boys were born dead. Grish’s son at the age of 5 fell ill with a pig and died.

Two years before the outbreak of war, Vera’s daughter, who became poisoned with carbon monoxide. So, out of 15 children, Epistinia Fyodorovna left 10 — one daughter and 9 sons. But the boys were waiting for a tragic and at the same time heroic fate.

The eldest sons of “Mother Heroine”

The oldest at that time was the boy Sasha. He was born in 1901. After the October Revolution of 1917 there was a Civil War in the country. The Stepanov family helped the Red Army. The whites learned about it, they grabbed Alexander and shot him.

Fyodor Mihailović died next. He was born in 1912. Over time he graduated from the courses of commanders, after which he was sent to the military district of Transbaikalia. Fyodor Stepanov died in battle, in the vicinity of the river Khalkhin-Gol in August 1939.

Then Paul’s son didn’t become. The youngster was 22 when he was called to the front. Studying the biography of the young man, it can be understood that Pavel Mikhailovich managed to become a member of the VLKSM, then fought in the 55th Division. He went missing in late 1941.

And in 1942, Ivan didn’t become. The youngster was captured in the summer of 1941, fled, wandered. By the autumn of 1942 he came to the village “Great Forest”. A family of collective farms sheltered him. The young man married, submitted to the guerrillas. But then he was caught by the Germans and shot.

Younger sons of Epistinia Feodorovna

That’s how the heroine mother lost her children one by one.


son of Ilya, called in 41, the mother still had time to see. After being injured and treated in hospital, the young man came home for several days. But in July of ’43, he was killed on the Kursk Arc. Then Vasily died.

In the same year there was a funeral for another son of Epistinia Stepanova — Alexander. The boy was the youngest in the family. He was born in the spring of 1923, but at the age of 18 he was called to the front. When in one of Alexander’s fights were surrounded by fascists, he took out a check from a grenade and blew it up. The youngster died himself and destroyed several enemy officers and soldiers. For this feat Alexander Mikhailovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Philipp Mikhailovich died on the eve of Victory. He was captured in the spring of 1942, held in a prisoner of war camp, died in February 45. The man had a wife — Aleksandra Moiseevna.

Only one son Stepanova E.F. returned from the front — Nikolay. But the fragments of war remained in his right foot. He died due to an old wound in 1963. Nicholas is survived by his wife and son Valentin.

Epistinia Fedorovna lived in her daughter’s family in recent years. But their family did not break, as the woman had many grandchildren and great-grandchildren — 44 small people from the Stepanov family replaced the dead older relatives.

Stepanova E.F. lived a long but hard life. She was gone at the age of 94.

A monument, a memorial plaque was created in memory of the heroic woman, poems were dedicated to her, films were made, paintings were created. But the best reward is people’s long memory!

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