Eniia: biography, creativity career and personal life

The phenomenon of Ireland’s most enigmatic star gives no rest to even the most devoted fans of Enya Patrisha Ni Brennan.

The path to recognition

The biography of the future singer began in 1961. The child appeared in the village of Dor Bartley on 17 May. In her birthplace, the baby, recognized as the cradle of folk customs and traditions, spoke Gaelic and had the deepest respect for Celtic heritage.

The musical family in Ireland itself had 9 children. Among 4 brothers and the same number of sisters, Enya became the sixth baby. Subsequently, the name vocalist on stage abandoned and the name simplified by changing the Gaelic version to English.

The parents loved the music. The father was fond of the teenager’s church music, then composing Celtic ballads. The mother taught music to schoolchildren. All the scions were also attached to the beautiful. Enya was fond of classics, mastered piano playing.

In 1968 relatives of the future star founded the group “Clannad”. As performers of Celtic folk, the ensemble achieved worldwide fame. After graduating, Enya joined the team in 1980. For two years, the girl sang and played keyboards. The vocalist then decided to embark on a solo career.


After European touring, the band was left by its manager, Nicky Ryan. Following him, the singer also went. She defected to Dublin. Nick took over as producer for an aspiring performer and his spouse became a songwriter. In 1984, the team was offered to write and perform music for a motion picture.

Producer David Putnam from working with a talented Irish woman came to delight. Thanks to him, cooperation with the Air Force Channel began. For a documentary series about Celtic culture and history, the singer wrote the music. The accompaniment was so pleased by the audience that after the completion of the project, the tunes came out with Named the collection by the name of the creator, “Enya”.

Impressed by the vocals of the out-of-form singer, the head of the British division of “Warner Brothers” decided to turn the girl into a world scale star. The idea was successful: the “Watermark” disc became a success. Extraterrestrial vocals, complex parts and folk songs accompanied by Celtic instruments burst to the tops of many hit parades. The music was strikingly different from the compositions popular in the eighties.


year and a half later, a new album, “Shepherd Moons”, was unveiled. He remained in the “Billboard” hit parade for nearly 4 years. The top lines of many world charts in the 2,000th were taken by the vocalist’s hit “Only Time”.

Creativity continues

From 1987 to 2015 9 collections were published. “Dark Sky Island” was introduced in standard and extended versions, with clips and bonus tracks. Each single features not only vocal parts, but also complex orchestras with choral accompaniment. That’s why Enya doesn’t give concerts.

The vocalist has recorded soundtracks for the film “Los Angeles Story”, “Far Away”, “Age of Innocence”, and “Residence Permit”. The most famous was “May It Be” authorship by spouses Ryan and Howard Shore. The composition decorated the beginning part of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” and brought the artist the most prestigious film and music awards.

Little is known about a celebrity’s personal life, as well as about creative plans. The star has no husband or children. She lives in Dublin at Manderley Castle, as she is supposed to be a real sorceress. The dwelling Celtic Fairy named by analogy to his favourite work – “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier.

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