Emil Horovets: a brief biography

Difficult childhood 

Today it is believed with difficulty, but there were times when any boy from the village had a real opportunity to become an academician or a famous singer. The biography of the popular Soviet singer Emil Gorovets serves as a confirmation of this thesis. His voice and songs are familiar to the people of Israel and the United States. The future singer and composer came to light on June 10, 1923 to the blacksmith’s family. Parents at that time lived in the small town of Gaysin on the territory of Vinnytsia region. The boy happened to be the fifth child Two of his brothers and two sisters have already grown up in the house.

His parents loved the younger one, but raised him strictly. Like all peers, Emil grew up and developed in a healthy environment. He was not shouted at or punished. The boy was taught to simple peasant work and to craft. The father hoped the younger son would follow in his footsteps and become a blacksmith. No, Milya, as the singer was called at an early age, didn’t cut his father. However, the Malchugan felt an irrepressible desire for singing from an early age. He easily memorized folk songs in Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish.

In the province of Gaisin 

there was a Jewish folk theatre. Young Horovets liked to be in its walls. In time, he was accepted into the troupe and approved for a role in the play. Perhaps Emil would have become a famous actor, but war broke out, and all plans had to be left for later. The older brothers were called into the army, and the Gorovtsi family were evacuated to the distant southern city of Tashkent. In an unaccustomed climate, the young man was often and severely ill. However, he had the strength to enter drama school and perform on the stage of the State Jewish Theatre, which was also in evacuation.

After the end of the war, Horovets came to Moscow and enrolled in a music school named after Gnessins. In parallel with his studies, he performs in the evenings in restaurants, before sessions in movies. In 1954, Emil was invited to join a jazz orchestra conducted by Eddie Rosner. After five years, the singer became the winner of the All-Union competition of pop artists. In his performance on radio and television there were popular songs “Drozdy”, “I’m walking around Moscow”, “Blue cities”, “I love pasta”.

Emigration and personal life

In the early 70’s Soviet censorship, which is called, fell foul. The singer began to be molested. Forbid to perform in big cities. In 1972, the singer with his family was allowed to leave for Israel. Then he went over the ocean. In the US worked hard and toured the world successfully. Soviet pop songs translated into Yiddish were very popular.

The personal life of the talented singer and composer developed safely. The first marriage in the student period broke down six months later. With his second wife Margarita Polonska, who also graduated from Gnesinka, Horovets lived for more than fifty years. Husband and wife raised and raised a son. Marguerite died in the mid-90s. This loss the singer endured very hard. Five years before his passing, Emil Yakovlevich met Irina, who became his wife and producer. Today she is engaged in what carefully retains the memory of a talented performer. Emil Horovets died in August 2001 after a prolonged illness.

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