Elizabeth Taylor: a brief biography

Starting conditions

Today every enlightened person knows that Hollywood’s Golden Age began with the arrival on the set of a little girl named Elizabeth Taylor. It happened when Lisa was barely ten years old. Her mother led her to film tryouts and the director of the film “Every Minute a Man Is Born” without the slightest hesitation approved her for the role. Interestingly, Taylor possessed a double row of eyelashes, which gave the look a special expressiveness. Thanks to thick eyelashes and eyebrows, she did not use cosmetics for a long time. And dark blue eyes attracted the attention of others in any situation.

The future Hollywood star came to light on February 27, 1932 in a family of American actors. The parents at that time lived and worked in London. The house has already grown older brother Howard, who was born three years earlier. Children were raised in the spirit of Christian commandments. When World War II broke out, the Taylors family returned home to America and settled in Los Angeles. Lisa grew and developed in a creative setting. Already at an early age, she expressed a desire to star in movies.

Actress’s creative path

After successful debut on set, paintings featuring Elizabeth Taylor went on screens every year. The incensed critics were at first highly skeptical of the young beauty’s acting abilities. And it was not surprising as she played child and teenage roles. And in 1951 the film “A Place Under the Sun”, in which Taylor played one of the lead roles paired with Montgomery Clift, came to the screens. This work has once and for all knocked the ground out from under the feet of detractors. The actress convincingly demonstrated her ability to reincarnate and organically fit into the image.

The actress received fame in wide circles of the audience, having starred in the picture “Cat on a hot roof”. Then, in 1959, the film “Once Last Summer” came to the screens. For Best Actress in this tape, Taylor won her first weighty Golden Globe award. And the following season, the actress was handed her first Oscar for her part in the film “Butterfield, 8.” By this time, Elizabeth was already receiving invitations to collaborate from virtually all of Hollywood’s famous directors.

Recognition and personal life The

world fame of Elizabeth Taylor brought a starring role in the painting “Cleopatra”. Besides all sorts of awards and titles, the actress received a fee of one million dollars. The next project was called Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. The actress received her second Oscar for this role.


actress’s personal life is worthy of a separate description. Suffice it to say Elizabeth has been married 9 times. With actor Richard Burton, she was combined by marriage twice. And as many times have been divorced. The legendary actress retired from life in March 2011.

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