Eleonora Shashkova: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Without the help of words Eleanor Petrovna managed only glance to convey the whole palette of feelings of a woman, for many years separated from a person dear to her. The performer, recognized as the model of the wife of the scout, the role was played so authentically that the artist was presented with an award from the Foreign Intelligence Service.

The road to the vocation

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1937. The child appeared in Batumi on December 24 in the family of a serviceman. The girl dreamed of the scene from childhood. Mum used to drive both daughters, Elia and Marina, to the musical theater. However, even thinking about an artistic future was forbidden by the father.

After school, the graduate continued her education at an agricultural institute, participating in self-activity at the garrison club. After another move of the family to her father’s new duty station, the eldest daughter joined the relatives on the Kurils. Eleanor began working in the staff intelligence department. The dream of playing on stage didn’t leave the girl, although she liked the new activity.

Ela insisted on hers, seeking permission to take her exams in the capital. She was admitted to the Shchukin School. Visiting for the age of the student the head jokingly took a promise from her to always remain young.

She started playing on the stage of the theater named after Vakhtangov Shashkov during her studies. After graduation, she became part of the troupe. In it, the actress spent over half a century.

Family and career

There happened acquaintance with future husband, Ernst Zorin. The family had a daughter, Antonina. In 1968, for the first time the actress was reincarnated into cinema as the spouse of a scout, Maria, in a tetralogy about Mikhail Tuliev, played by Georgi Zhzhenov.

Director Tatyana Lioznova suggested that Eleonora participate in the miniseries TV project “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. For seven minutes, according to the performer herself, she lived a lifetime. After such work, the actress never agreed to star in films with dramatic silence, realizing that it would no longer be able to play better.

The alliance with Zorin disintegrated. Director Valentin Selivanov became Shashkova’s new choice. The acquaintance occurred at the filming of the film “Karl Espinola’s Diary”, where Eleonora Petrovna played Alexandra Ivanovna.

Off screen and stage

With her spouse’s retirement from life in 1988, the actress tried to occupy herself with work entirely. She did not give up even occasional roles in TV series and movies. In 2006 in the TV project “Utes. The song is a life long” her heroine was Ekaterina Furtseva.

The artist enters the stage in two productions.

She, despite a solid age, does not lose optimism. Her main men remain her daughter with grandchildren Gregory and David.

Once promised to stay young, Eleanor Petrovna kept: she looks lovely, is filmed extremely rarely, gives concerts and creative evenings commemorating “Seventeen Moments of Spring”.

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