Elena Tkach: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Elena Tkach consciously married a Ukrainian maniac. At first the girl wrote him letters, then went on a date and married him.


Elena was born in 1990. When the girl was 8 years old, her family moved to the city of Rybinsk. Here she finished school, then went to the Lyceum, after graduation from which she received secondary special education. Then Elena entered the university in Yaroslavl. She studied 2 courses and moved to Moscow, moving here to the same specialized university in which she received higher education. A little later, the girl entered one more institute, but studied at it no more than 3 courses. So she has a second unfinished college degree.

Giving interviews to journalists, the girl does not tell what institution she studied, as she is afraid that those will find her classmates and ask them a lot of questions.

Elena says she has a legal education. At one time, she worked at a Moscow consulting company for 8 years.

The first marriage

Elena does not like to remember her first husband. She says he was a doctor and is also older than her. The spouse, according to Elena, was a nasty type and still causes only negative feelings in her.

Second marriage

As Elena herself recounts, the first time she saw her second choice was when she was 16 years old. Then the girl watched the program in which the serial killer, being on an investigative experiment, told about the crimes committed by him.

Within 25 years Sergey Tkach raped and killed girls 9-17 years in the territory of Ukraine. He tracked them down near freeways, near the railroad bed, in forest park areas.

His future young spouse knew all this about him. She once wrote a letter to Sergei Tkach, then the following followed. The correspondence lasted 5 months. It began in April 2015, and already on December 9 this year Elena and the convict for life signed.

First date

This already famous wife of maniac tells that the first time she saw Sergey Tkach personally on rendezvous through the glass in early October 2015. Lena told reporters that that meeting convinced the girl that she wanted to live with the man. He proposed to her. Elena immediately after the wedding took the surname of her spouse.

As the girl tells journalists, with her this Pologovsky maniac modest, kind, sweet, circumspect. She says he never argues with her, performs all her vagaries and is still shy.

Elena gave birth to his daughter. As the woman herself tells, he really wanted a child. Lena also says that her husband repents, calls himself a murderer and a monster.

At first, her parents approved the choice of daughter, but after the birth of her granddaughter, the grandfather and her grandmother took the child They now want to take away their daughter’s parental rights for understandable reasons.

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