Elena Shushunova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

The art of owning the body in perfection has always attracted admiration. Gymnastics exercises were originally intended for men. And in the program of the Olympics sport was included only for them. Official permission for women to perform in this discipline was not obtained until 1928.

The beginning of takeoff

Biography of Elena Lvovna Shushunova began in 1969. The future celebrity came to light in Leningrad on May 23 in an ordinary family. From the early years parents taught their daughter everything to work with their own work.

Lena has been keen on sports since childhood. Attention to it was paid by trainers who selected pupils. The first grader was noticed at a physical education lesson at Rubtsova’s school Galina Ivanovna. The first training sessions began. They turned out to be so heavy, the girl ripped off.

Due to the lack of visible results, she was unwilling to continue classes. And the mentors didn’t promise the pupil any achievements: Elena was called “middle school”, firm and thorough, but not higher. To support the young gymnast was able to mother, who explained that for a victory it was necessary to train for a long time.

Training continued with Yatchenko’s new mentor. Even more tenacity was the future champion at classes with Gavrichenkov. Under his leadership, the talent of the gymnast was revealed completely. In ten Shushunova fulfilled the standard of the master of sports. Three years passed, and Elena won in freestyle exercises at the junior championship of Europe 1982.


difficult training fulfilled all expectations of trainers and sportswoman. Elena won all national competitions in artistic gymnastics. In 1983 she won the Country Cup in the all-around. Fifteen-year-old Elena was called one of the most promising young athletes in the world. She received bronze only in 1984, and the rest of the awards, from 1985 to 1988, were gold.

Triumphantly ended all the World Cups. Shushunova nevertheless made the decision to complete her career, choosing a quiet life, but the coach convinced the pupil to continue her performances. In 1985 in Canadian Montreal, the Soviet gymnast won three golds, managing from 17th place after an arbitrary program to advance.

Team superiority brought Elena to 5-й position. Despite the fact that only the first three places qualified for the final, coaches ventured to put on Shushunova. She became a three-time world champion, taking victories in the prop, team jump, and absolute championship.

In Helsinki at the European Championships the gymnast being honored master received four highest awards. She was the best in the all-around, freestyle exercises, on bars and in the support jump. The most difficult performance for the girl on the log earned her bronze.

Rich on impressions became 1987. In Zagreb, Shushunova set a world record by winning all the gold of the World Universiade. At the European Championships, she won the prop jump, coming third in the all-around. Frustration brought the athlete participation in the world championship in Rotterdam.

Completion of her career

She received gold for the support jump and freestyle exercises, took silver in the team championship, for all-around and freestyle exercises, won bronze for bars. However, the team championship of the world was lost: the winners with minimal overweight were gymnasts from Romania.

Elena diligently prepared for the most decisive competition for her 1988. She won all-around and team championship gold in the Seoul Olympics. Elena received all the sample awards in her personal piggy bank. The log brought her silver, and the bars — bronze. The gymnast again declared the end of her career in big sport. This time nobody persuaded to continue performances, but at once she was offered to start slightly different creativity.

In the new national team Shushunova became assistant mentor. Her duties included demonstrating the correctness of performing exercises. This activity proved to be alien to the champion to such an extent that she left gymnastics definitively.

A new element in artistic gymnastics was called “Shushunova’s jump”, and the performer herself in 2005 was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

After a big sport


Sportswoman received higher education. In 1991 she graduated from the Lesgaft State Institute of Physical Education and Sports in her hometown. Successfully developed and personal life of the champion. Elena and her elect, the employee of the car service, became husband and wife, in their family there was a child, son Mikhail.

The ex-gymnast was able to fully recover after a brilliant but exhausting career. After that Elena Lvovna engaged in a completely new activity for her. Shushunova started carrying out a variety of championships in a fateful discipline for her. She held a post on the committee of physical education and sports until 2014 in St. Petersburg.

The champion tried his strength in judging, became the judge of the international category. She also took part in tournaments among professionals and gymnastics shows.

After the end of her career Shushunova tried herself in judging, participated in gymnastics shows, in tournaments among professionals. In 2014 Elena Lvovna took part in the Olympic torch relay.

From life the famous sportswoman left in 2018, on August 16. She became the second in the world to be the absolute champion of Europe and the world, as well as the Olympic Games, to win the World Cup. This has been repeated so far by any athlete.

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