Eldar Ryazanov: brief biography

Childhood Years and Youth The 

future director was born on November 18, 1927 in a family of employees. The parents at that time lived in the famous city of Samara. The father and mother worked for a foreign trade junkie. A few months later, the head of the family was transferred to the position of head of the trade office in Tehran, capital of Persia Eldar spent almost five years on the land where in the distant past passed, glittering with armor, phalanxes of Alexander the Great. At an early age, he learned to read and became fond of books. Close people and acquaintances, aware of this fascination, had no doubt that he would become a writer.

However, Eldar had his dreams and plans. He firmly decided to become a sailor and visit distant countries. These exciting plans were hindered by war. In 1946, Ryazanov was among the students of VGIKA. Only those who had a matriculation certificate were admitted to this institute. Eldar decided to pass his final exams a year early, by an exam. In three weeks, he prepared and handled all the mandatory assignments brilliantly. In the Documentary Department, he was the youngest student.

Creative activity The

professional path of Eldar Ryazanov began immediately upon graduation. The aspiring director has been making documentaries for several years. On the mission of the film studio he managed to detour the Far East, partly fulfilling a long-held dream of travel. The documentary maker made films about crab catchers in the Sea of Japan, about whalers and about bread-makers of Kuban, about fishermen and frontier guards, reindeer herders and writers. He visited Chukotka, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin Island and Kamchatka Peninsula. Experience and impressions came in handy for him in future projects.

It was time and in 1955 Ryazanov was invited to work at the Mosfilm cinema factory. New conditions, new amplua and new people forced him to concentrate his knowledge and experience. The first feature film directed by Ryazanov was called “Spring Voices”. The picture turned out quite good. After which he was brought the script of the film “Carnival Night”. At first, the director regarded this project skeptically. However, the results showed that all doubts were in vain. The film turned out to be very popular and it is gladly watched in modern times.

Recognition and personal life

Motherland highly appreciated the merits of Eldar Ryazanov in the development of domestic culture. He was awarded the honorary title “People’s Artist of the Soviet Union”. The director is awarded two orders of the Red Banner of Labor.


director’s personal life didn’t stack up very smoothly. With his first wife, he divorced after twenty years of living together. The second – died of cancer. With a third spouse, Emma Abaidullina, the People’s Artist spent the last 20 years of his life. Eldar Ryazanov died in November 2015 after a serious, prolonged illness.

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