Easter week: what can and cannot be done, rites and traditions

All Easter week, special liturgies are held in Orthodox temples. All the while, the deacon doors and gates of the altar remain open. This is a symbol that the resurrected Jesus opened the doors of the kingdom of heaven (paradise) for believers.

In addition, almost uninterrupted these days bells ring. All because according to the long tradition everyone – from the kid to the old man – will be able to climb the bell tower and with their own hands publicize the area with bell calls, sharing similar to the other believers of Easter joy.

What can and cannot be done at Easter week

All Bright Sedmitsa, according to Orthodox customs, should be devoted to entertainment. These days it is customary to go to each other to visit and treat themselves to fast food. Unlike Masleny Week, unbridled fun is discouraged at Easter. There should be no frills in food and, even more so, fist fights.

At Easter week, you should definitely go to the graveyard and drown the dead. For this event, there are two days — Monday and Thursday. There is an opinion that it is in these days of Light Week that the souls of the dead people return from heaven to earth for a time to be pleased with Christ’s resurrection together with the living.

Meanwhile, the Orthodox Church disapproves of memories of those who died on the Light Sedmica, which is why no commemoration is held in temples these days. The church is motivated by its decision by the fact that Easter is a celebration of life and mentions of death will be superfluous.

The rites and beliefs of Easter week

Easter week will end another holiday, which is popularly called the Red Slide. From centuries it was the most popular day for marriage. In many Russian cities during Svetla Sedmitsa, newlyweds are arranged. At this time, rites related to the formation of a marriage union are held.

So, it is believed that the girl will be able to approximate marriage if she manages to get to the bell tower first and hit the bell.

According to popular belief, if a child comes to light at Easter week, he will have good health. The girl will be able to preserve her beauty if she grinds with water in which there was a painted Easter egg. It is also believed that during the week it is necessary to give alms to the indigent for the whole year in the family money.

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