Dschinghis Khan Band: Creation History

Dschinghis Khan Group is created specifically for the Eurovision Song Contest. Musicians from Germany successfully debuted on it, taking 4th place.

Beginning of success

In 1979, music producer Ralph Siegel embarked on his project “Genghis Khan”. The participants were six vocalists. In no time, a hit of the same name was created.

The performance at the Eurovision Song Contest turned out bright. The song was accompanied by equally impressive choreography. The composition quickly turned into a worldwide hit. In the birthplace of the artists the single did not descend from the top lines of hit parades for a month.

The first success was secured by new hits. Successful songs were complemented by English-language versions. Each performance the musicians turned into a memorable theatrical show. Increased attention of the public attracted both the originality of the images and the dynamism of the choreography.

Dissolution and reunification

Until the early eighties, the collective had no doubts about complete enschlagues. But then the situation began to change. To maintain interest in the work of the collective, a dramatic vivid performance of Corrida was created. Based on it, the disc came out. In 1985, musicians made the decision to stop activities.

Unite for further performances some participants decided the following year. A decade later, the band once again gave a concert in Japan, singing a medley of their hits.

By the start of the 2,000-year-old, the reunion idea was again submitted by one of the participants, Steve Bender. In 2005 the team appeared in “Olimpiyskiy” in the first squad. The team was added and newcomers represented by Ebru Kai, Stefan Trek and Daniel Kesling. Success was the impetus for continued creativity.

The show continues

, however, from life in 2006 left Bender, the track also focused on solo career. In 2007 Stefan collected the team’s modified hits in the album Rising. The dance group Legacy of Genghis Khan appeared, performing with musicians. The composition of the project participants was not unchanged.


new stage in the history of the team was 2018. The decision to merge was made by Trek and Heyhel. One owned the Genghis Khan brand abroad, the second represented the pop team back home. Concerts resumed under the Dschinghis Khan brand; the same year work began on a new compilation.

In the fall, fans were presented in Moscow with a program of hits on “Discotheque 80s”. The test of time has been passed: fans to this day on the Web are putting out clips of incendiary masterpieces of musicians.

In June 2019, the new single Die Strassen Von Paris was played. A highlight was the concert at the Dresden Opera Ball. Five new singles premiered, and favorite songs were played. A video report of the event is posted on the group’s official website.

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