Does Nikolai Valuev have a wife and children

Valuev’s family: beauty and “beast”

Nikolay Valuev and his wife Galina could easily win the competition for the title of the most unusual couple. All the fault is their colossal external distinction. The spouse of the boxer next to him looks like Thumvochka: she is below Nikolai by half a meter and lighter almost by a quintner!

Together they were reduced by a case. Galina and Nikolai first saw each other at the birth day of a mutual buddy. The boxer was 24 at the time and his future wife is 20. At the table, all by the same coincidence, they were put nearby. Young people quickly found common ground. After the party, they exchanged phones and called days later. Valuev on the eve of a fateful acquaintance broke up with the girl, so at the first time Galina helped him forget and staunchly survive the break-up.

Nikolay Valuev has truly bogatyr dimensions. Its height is 2 meters 14 centimeters and its weight is 150 kilograms. Already at 12 he had a height of 196 centimeters and a 47th leg size.

For six months Nikolai met his future wife on a schedule – twice a week between training sessions. Subsequently, their wedding took place in a break between duels. At that time everything in Valuev’s life was dedicated to sports.

The couple have been together for over fifteen years. Despite the outward dissimilarity, the couple live soul to soul. Nicholas, having a formidable appearance, a large number of titles and championship belts, does not consider himself a romantic. However, friends of the couple say that he dedicates poems to Galina. Those around them consider their union a true tale.

The children of Nikolay Valuev

Galina gave to the boxer three children: two sons and a daughter. The first child came to light in 2002 and the last in 2012. The eldest son of the Valuev Grigory wants to repeat the career of his eminent father. The boy is engaged in boxing and shows high results in it.

50 fights managed to carry Valueva without defeats. Just two duels ended for him with a victory of the opponent. But no boxer managed to send Nikolai to a knockdown.

In 2009, Nicholas retired from big sport, took up politics and show business. He manages not only to sit in the Duma, but also to star in movies and advertising. His wife Galina still serves him as a reliable rear. She does home and parenting. In his spare time, Valuev likes to scuba dive and go fishing in the company of his sons. In addition, the heavyweight is engaged in charity. He has already opened three free boxing schools for adults and children.

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