Dmitry Sova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Childhood and adolescence

To attract the audience’s attention and win their love, the actor needs to have certain abilities and choose suitable roles. It is no secret that the public in the majority, does not like those artists who represent negative characters. Dmitry Pavlovich Sova is reincarnated with equal persuasion into the images spelled out in the script. His natural charm and physical fitness allow the actor to work on the set without an understudy. And even the negative hero in his performance causes not anger, but compassion.

The future actor of theatre and cinema came to light on July 9, 1983 in a family of technical intellectuals. The parents lived in the famous town of Priluki on the territory of Chernihiv Oblast. His father worked in a plastics factory. Her mother taught drawing at a vocational school. In the house already grew up Dmitry’s older brother, who was called Peter. To them on the weekends were visited by Grandpa and Grandma. On the table there was a cake, which was built by the hostess. Poems and humors written by the host were heard. The setting was positive and creative.

Creative activity

Already in the younger school age Dmitry and his brother attended classes of children’s music theater that operated in the House of Pioneers. Within the walls of this theatre, the brothers gained basic skills of singing and dance technique. At school, Owl studied well. He participated in the reviews of artistic self-activity. After school he decided to get a profile education at the Kiev University of Theatre, Film and Television. After graduating from the university, Dmitry entered service in the Free Stage Theatre troupe. As is usually the case, a theatrical career began with being involved in episodes. But after a short period of time, directors began to trust him with leading roles.

The first time Dmitry went on set was in 2005. He had a small but memorable role in the TV series “The Return of Mukhtar 2″. Owl then appeared on screen in the two-episode painting “Anti-Sniper”. Audiences and critics favorably embraced the image created by the actor. Gradually, Dmitry’s work began to attract the attention of famous directors. After the release of the film “I’m with you”, it was recognized by the entire audience of CIS countries. In 2018, the actor took part in filming the melodrama “Daughters Stepmother”.

Perspectives and personal life

For many years Dmitry Sova supports exemplary physical and psychological form. Outside the set, he is calm, smiling and confident. In his spare time he is engaged in voiceover and dubbing.

Little is known about the actor’s personal life. He maintains a relationship with a girl whose name doesn’t give. Whether they become husband and wife, time will tell.

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