Dmitry Panfilov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography and personal life

Dmitry Valeryevich Panfilov was born on April 1, 1987 in Moscow. He was educated at VTU named after. M.S.Shchepkina. Dmitry studied at V.I.Korshunov’s course. During his student years, Panfilov played as part of the company of the Small Theatre. In 2019, the actor married actress Evgenia Nohrina. They met on the set of the painting “Marry Pushkin”. Evgenia had a boyfriend at the time, but Dmitry showed persistence. Dmitry’s wife was born in Nizhny Novgorod. She starred in the TV series “Temporarily Unavailable” and “Kuprin. Pit”. Panfilov loves the extreme, he conquers mountain peaks, snowboarding and skateboarding. He often cooks, likes to travel and helps stray animals.

Starting his career in film

In 2006 Dmitry got a role in the TV series “Soldiers 10″ and a year later in “Soldiers” 11″. Directors of military comedy – Vladislav Nikolaev, Elizabeth Kleinot. The actor could be seen in the short film “Inception”. His character is Igor. The drama’s director and screenwriter is Natasha Novik. Dmitry’s partners on set were Marina Pravkina, Mitya Labush and Alexey Sidorov. In 2008, the TV series “The Life That Wasn’t”, featuring Panfilov, began. At the center of the drama is a young provincial who killed his pregnant girlfriend for success in the capital. He was then invited for the role of Panov in “Kremlin Cadets”. Pavel Bessonov, Aristarkh Venes, Denis Beresnev and Kirill Emelyanov won the lead roles in the comedy.

In 2009, the actor starred in the television picture “The Domino Effect”. The melodrama tells the story of a radio host who lost his son. Panfils received his next role in the 2010 film “Adult Daughter, or Test on…”. The comedic melodrama was shown in Russia and Kazakhstan. It’s a story about a father and an adult daughter. The man flirts with her girlfriends and she meets his business partner. In the same year, the series “Russian Chocolate” began, in which Dmitry played Misha. The action takes place in a provincial town that lives only off a bakery plant. Drama was shown in Russia and Ukraine.


In the detective “forensic experts” Panfilov can be seen as Dmitry. The lead roles were performed by Maxim Litovchenko, Ekaterina Rednikova, Vladimir Sterzhakov and Natalia Kurdyubova. The actor was then given the role of Ivan Koshkin in the TV series “General Therapy 2″. The action takes place in the hospital department. In “Enigma”, Dmitry played Igor. Fantastic thriller tells the story of the work of a secret unit that deals with paranormal phenomena. He then appeared in the TV series “House of Exemplary Content”. The drama begins in 1942. In the TV series “Women’s Dreams of Far Countries”, Panfilov could be seen as Denis. The director of the crime drama – Vladimir Shevelkov. The actor’s next role came in the TV series “Split”. His character is Luke. It’s a fantastic thriller about the war of men and vampires.

In 2011, the TV series “The Happiness Group” was shown, in which Dmitry played Lt. The main characters are organizers of psychological trainings. In the miniseries “Mushroom Tsar”, Panfilov appeared as Nikon. The detective hero is involved in money shenanigans. The actor’s next work took place in the melodrama “Love Unexpected Will Come”. His character is Vitalik. Heroes found their happiness in retirement age. In 2013, the actor could be seen as Vadim in “I Can’t Forget You”. Panfilov has one of the main roles here. The director of the melodrama is Maxim Demchenko. He then got the role of Nakhimov in “Fort Ross: In Search of Adventure”. According to the story, a group of journalists travel through time. In 2014, Panfilov played in the TV series “Good Hands”. The crime drama tells the story of the chief doctor of a maternity hospital who ran frauds with baby-rejectors. He could later be seen in the painting “The Heart of the Enemy”. The war drama is about a fighter pilot.

In 2015, Dmitry could be seen as Kasatkin in the TV series “Spider”. His set partners included Andrei Smolyakov, Marina Alexandrova, Yuri Chursin and Konstantin Demidov. The action begins in 1967 in Moscow. A Fashion House model is being killed. The task force, led by a major, is embedded in the place where the victim worked. Detectives need to get information about what kind of relationship the murdered person had with colleagues. The next murder didn’t make itself long to wait. And it becomes clear to investigators that Fashion House plays a major role in the incidents. In parallel there is a robbery of Gosz Panfilov was then invited to play the role of Bogdan in the miniseries “Insidious Games”. One of the main characters was cast by her groom before the wedding. From gossip and foreign eyes the girl left her hometown to her aunt. A relative of the heroine is engaged in IVF. When it turns out that her niece came pregnant, her aunt suggests that she carry the baby out as a surrogate, having deceived clients of the clinic and future parents. 2016 brought the actor the role of Dantes in the TV series” Marry Pushkin.” The following year, he starred as Snowniv in the TV series “Missing. Second Breath.” Among Panfilov’s latest works is the role of a soldier in the film “Outpost”.

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