Dmitry Khramkov: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Dmitry Khramkov — both composer, producer, and bayanist. The artist is awarded the Silver Order of Merit in the field of culture, because in its performance music is understandable and accessible to listeners all over the world.

On the road to recognition

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1979. The baby appeared in Samara on April 9. Love for the bayan was instilled in his grandson by his grandfather, who played the instrument perfectly. The older relative was and the boy’s first teacher.

In the family, the talent of the son was noticed, defining Dima to music school. Khramkov continued his education at the pedagogical university of the city at the famous teacher Alla Katz. The student has performed successfully at international competitions many times.

Graduate professional career started in one of his hometown restaurants as a security guard to earn the necessary amount for the start. Phonograms for solo performances were then recorded. With the author’s program, Khramkov appeared in the restaurant as an entertainer. He quickly gained popularity.

Successful project

In 2005 there was an idea of joint project with Sergey Voitenko. The guys decided to create music in a new style. That’s how the duo Bayan-Mix was born. Listeners loved it for the originality of the performance. Fans included people of all ages. Artists and classics played, and popular contemporary works, folk motifs, and their own, author’s music.

The first speech in Moscow took place at the G8 Summit. Talented performers noticed, started often invited to television. Artists participated in holiday programs on the country’s leading channels. Bayanists have received invitations to international festivals as well. The duo starred in the film “Carnival Night-2″.

The touring schedule turned out to be very busy. Artists didn’t travel only around the country. They performed in Europe, enjoyed huge success.


‘s solo career

decided nevertheless on a solo career. He lost his place in the duo to Sergei Kotkov, continuing to take part in the life of “Bayan-Mix”. However, new, now own projects came to the first place.

Khramkov collaborates in other musicians, creates joint numbers. Among his collaborations is a performance with the duo “Lyubanya”. The title holder of the Bayan World Champion has won numerous times at prestigious competitions.

Active user often posts recordings of his performances and new pictures in social networks, gives announcements of upcoming concerts. Khramkov is the owner of his own website. Fans learn on the resource not only about current projects, but also receive feedback from the artist’s team.

About the personal life of the bayanist-virtuoso prefers not to tell anything. However, it still became known that the artist does not plan to start a family yet.

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