Dmitry Barinov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Early biography

 Dmitry Barinov was born in 1996 in the settlement of Ogudnevo, Moscow region. Since childhood he was passionate about football and was practically inseparable from the ball. At the age of 8, Dima began training at the Sklkovo youth club “Spartak”, then entered the Olympic reserve school and entered the youth squad of “Saturn”. In the future, he had a choice of where to play next. The youngster was ready to host Zenit, Dynamo and Lokomotiv. Barinov preferred the latter simply because it was located closest to home.

In “Lokomotiva” Dmitry Barinov quickly found common ground with Alexander Lomakin as well as famous brothers Alexey and Anton Miranchuk. Coach Sergey Polstyanov immediately saw potential in the youngster and gradually began to allow him to perform at youth games. Dmitry showed himself well on the field of play and soon became part of the youth team of Russia. While playing for her, Barinov managed to win silver at the European Under-19 Players Championship.

Further career

In 2018 Dmitry Barinov played at full right as a part of Lokomotiv at the Russian Federation football championship. It was this series of games that became iconic for “railway workers”. For the first time in the last 15 years, they won and won the title of national champions. A year later, the club performed slightly less successfully and earned silver at the championship, as well as taking the Country Cup.

Russian football management has long looked after Dmitry and viewed him as a potential national team player Russia. For a while he was in the reserves, however in 2019 his long dream came true: Barinov was included in one of the national team squads that began to qualify for Euro 2020. Dmitry is in excellent physical shape, and in the ability to handle the ball can pull even with experienced players.

Dmitry Barinov now

Sportsman continues to play for his native “Lokomotiv” and can enter the field in upcoming matches of the national team at Euro 2020. Increasingly looking out for the player and foreign clubs. He recently requested a salary increase from management, which some estimates could be up to two million euros a year.

The personal life of the young footballer remains under a veil of mystery. As Dmitry himself hinted, his heart at the moment is free, although the athlete can often be observed on joint photos with different burning hotties themselves. Among them is figure skater Adelina Sotnikova. Does not forget the young man and his family, taking care of his parents. He recently fulfilled his mom’s dream and built her a house.

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