Dioptase: Gems from Pavel Bazhovs “Ural Tales”

To emeralds the gems belonged until 1799. The Russian chemist Lovitz described it as a dioptase, experienced by proving the difference between jewels. High transparency and purity of stone were the reason for obtaining the name of copper emerald.


Ashirite the same mineral is named after the owner of the largest deposits of stones of saturated dark hue, Bukhara merchant.

Dioptase or ashirite is most often mined in pure form. The sizes of crystals are usually small. The deposits are found in places with silicon and copper deposits.

The natural specimen is translucent or transparent completely. It dissolves well in acid, and when heated almost does not melt. The color ranges from emerald to dark greens with notches in thin edges.

In antiquity, the gems were called “healing heart” and endowed with amazing properties. According to the belief, he gave the owner energy of warmth and light, freeing from internal emotional devastation and heartache.


The distinctive feature of ashirite is its coldness. Therefore, constantly wearing jewelry with it is not recommended because of the risk of weakening feelings, attachments and even possible deterioration of relations with others. The talisman is contraindicated only to Rakam and O The rest of the members of the Zodiac signs may wear jewelry.

But excellent stone supports material well-being. It is ideal for people engaged in business, as it facilitates the establishment of business relations. The owner’s mascot makes more observant and prudent. Stimulates the amulet desire to learn.

In healers, the mineral has found use in the treatment of cardiac diseases. It promotes better oxygen saturation of blood, eliminates blood clots and resulting cholesterol plaques. It is recommended to wear a pendant with jewels to prevent cardiovascular ailments.

Since ashirite absorbs excess energy, wear it is advised to unnecessarily emotional and active people. Necklaces with dioptasis are considered a good remedy against respiratory diseases.

Normalizes dioptasis the work of the GI tract and the oven. dioptasis heals wounds, ulcers, brings in order the activity of the nervous system, relieves insomnia.


Processing brittle self-color lends itself to difficulty. Beginner craftsmen for this reason prefer to make decorations with raw copies.

Traditionally, to remove small cracks, the stone is lubricated with cedar oil. The surface of this treatment makes shiny and smooth. Most often use multi-stage cut.

Basically, dioptasis use found in jewelry. From stone are made of striking beauty decorations. The popularity of the gems is popular throughout the world with collectors. Also from stone get a special color pigment for writing icons.

Mineral care requires careful care. Store copper emerald products separately from others, in a pouch or casket. For cleaning once a month, the decoration is washed under a jet of running water and gently wiped dry.

Artificially derived stones from natural stones are distinguished by great purity brightness and saturation of hue. In the laboratory obtained ashirite, crystals have the correct shape.

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