Desiless: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Unusual girl with original’ pad ‘hairstyle and bright atypical appearance just preferred to sing. An information vacuum surrounded her. Even about the beginning of her career on stage, nothing was known, as if the vocalist appeared nowhere. She could be a successful designer, however she chose music.

In search of a vocation

, the biography of discovery of the mid-eighties began in 1952. Claudy Fritsch-Mantro appeared in Paris on December 25. From her early years, the girl demonstrated creativity abilities. She liked coming up with images.

The graduate continued her education at the capital’s “Studio Berçot”. The 18-year-old fashion designer made her debut with the “Poivre et sel” collection. It was co-written by Claude Sabba. The future star has been engaged in creating clothes for several years. Everything changed the journey to India: Claudy realized she dreamed of doing music.

At first, luck didn’t accompany her. However, in 1984 the collaboration with Dan-Michel Riva began. The girl became a soloist for the band “Air”. The songs performed did not attract much attention, and the idea of a solo career under the name Desiless emerged.



changed the image dramatically, becoming detached cold. The androgynous appearance of the singer attracted special attention. She wore men’s suits, her hair resembling porcupine needles combed at the top. Claudie thought about the concept, but the rest of the steps are fully agreed with the producer.

In 1986 worldwide fame brought to the vocalist the song “Voyage, voyage”. It occupied the top lines of the charts in many countries in Europe, and the remix turned into a UK disco hit.

No less success awaited the new composition “John” a couple of years later. The debut album “François” included singles broadcast everywhere, maintaining the enigma of the rising star. True, Claudie spoke out against the idea. The result was the end of cooperation.

For 5 years, the celebrity left the stage, appearing on the variety only towards the end of the eighties. In 1994 she presented the compilation “I Love You”, almost all the songs were written by Desiless herself. The lyricism of the repertoire required a new image. Costumes replaced with bright tunics, changed hairstyle.

Life after Triumph

After an acoustic tour with guitarist Michel Gentils, fans received the compilation “Un brin de paille”. It was followed by the successful author’s dance show “La Vie Est Belle”. The artist recorded discs with memorable clips and concerts.

The star’s choice and father of her child was François Mentrop. In 1989 the celebrity left the scenes for the sake of newborn daughter Lily. Maintaining the relationship failed, the couple broke up. The singer made a new attempt to find family happiness after her 50th birthday.

In 2012 began a collaboration with François Oresh, acting under the pseudonym Operation of the sun. They got 4 drives out. At the end of 2017, the vocalist completed her Eurotour “Show 80″.

In public nowadays Claudy Fritsch-Mantro appears rarely. She communicates with fans on the Instagram page and official website. The star regularly posts pics and shares the news.

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