Darya Shikhanova: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Popularity of Daria Shikhanova, known as Dora, brought social networks. On pages the girl posted the results of her creativity. The singer’s tracks are constantly downloading.

Path to Dream


biography of the future star began in 1999. The child was born in Saratov on November 39. The ability to creativity in the baby showed early, and in the family music sounded constantly. From the age of five the girl sang.

On her own, Dasha mastered synthesizer and guitar. She did not gravitate to specific genres, with equal pleasure listening to different directions. The idea of a professional career on stage came along with a gift in the form of homemade karaoke.

Daria’s pseudonym became the name of the heroine from the beloved animated series “Dora-Traveler”. Interestingly, in the Russian adaptation, the character “turned” into Shikhanova’s namesake, becoming Dasha.

First successes

However, the first videos, cover versions of hits to the accompaniment of guitar, the vocalist signed as Dasha. The idea of creating a group in a popular social network for placement of compositions was submitted by friends. The author of Mental Affection was appreciated by Egor Nats. The album “Run Away” was recorded in collaboration with him.

The song “Aluminum Asphalt” became popular. Dashin voice was called extraordinary, and her manner of performance soulful and magical. During the week, the video “Ripped” was listened to by more than a million fans.

The performer created the author’s style of “kute rock” or “cute rock”. The unique direction was described by the vocalist herself as a pleasant voice with live percussion and overworked guitars.


In the top 30 most downloaded in iTunes included Shikhanova’s disc “I’m Not Commerce” in 2019. Highly praised the debut critics heard in the music sophisticated rhythm and blues and emo-rap. In early February there was a presentation of a new song “I don’t swear mate”.

The vocalist’s discography is replenished constantly. Dora holds contests on its pages, fueling interest in novelties. The girl is engaged in promotion herself. She actively communicates with fans, contacts other users, answers questions.

At the end of 2019, along with the disc “Little Sister”, Dora took the stage. The artist performed live the most famous compositions at the warm-up of the group “Frendzona” in St. Petersburg. At the same time, Dasha reported about the upcoming recital in the capital.

On and off stage


Dora’s private life has no time. It is known that the creation of a family is still not planned. Although “Instagram” stars a lot of joint shots with Egor Nats, the guys are united only by friendly and working relationships.

In 2020, the singer introduced new singles. In April, the result of her work with “Friendzone,” “The Unperfect People.” Dora has concerts and touring trips around the country in the plans.

The artist likes to watch anime cartoons. By her admission, they’re great at helping relieve stress.

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