Dana Vespoli: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Starting conditions

 At the start of conscious life many women get into a predicament. They have to make a choice between a career in the profession or setting up a family hearth. Dana Vespoli also faced this topical question. She managed to find a non-standard solution. Natural abilities, humanitarian education and a favorable combination of circumstances allowed the actress not only to star in erotic pictures, but to engage in directing. In the responsible moments of her biography, Dana showed her characteristic observance and prudence.

The future porn actress came to light on September 22, 1972 in an ordinary American family. The parents resided in the famous city of Portland. The father, a Native American, did business at a real estate company. The mother has Thai roots, working as a waitress in a restaurant. The child grew up in good conditions. Already at an early age, Dana showed versatile ability. She learned to read early. She was fond of sports and attended a theater studio. After graduation, she entered a teacher’s college and earned a bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literary Studies.

Creative activity

After graduating from college, Dana moved to Los Angeles and got a place editor at one of the movie studios. As part of her job, she accepted from the writers of the script and read them before handing over to the editor-in-chief. She had to participate in castings to select actresses for pornofilms. While behind the footage, Vespoli studied all the intricacies of filming. She dreamed of participating in erotic scenes from an early age. In 2001, after much doubt, she decided to take part in another competition. Her nomination was confirmed.


actress’s career for Dana folded successfully. Simultaneously with her participation in filming, she took out and recorded her considerations regarding directorial decisions. In 2006, Vespoli signed a contract with one of the pornofilm production studios as a director and producer. Paintings shot by Dana almost always had box-office success. At the same time, she did not forget to work as a performer of the main roles. In 2011, she was ranked in the top ten list of the “50 Hottest Asian Pornstars of All Time” by Complex magazine.

Perspectives and personal life

At a certain stage of her creativity, Dana fell into depression. I got carried away with drug use and stopped filming. The crisis lasted almost a year. The actress found the strength to cope with a pernicious habit. And again to delight the audience with his game.


actress’s personal life has not worked out the best way. In 2005, she married porn actor Manuel Ferrara. The husband and wife lived under the same roof for seven years. They had two sons. However, the children did not save the family from decay. At the moment, Dana is free.

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