D.B. Woodside: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography and personal life

David Brian Woodside was born on July 25, 1969 in Jameika in Queens in New York City. He was educated at Roy K. High School. Ketcham. David was a student at the famous Albany University. Bryan attended the School of Acting at Yale University. Between 2006 and 2010, Brian’s partner was actress Golden Brooks. She has starred in the TV series “Star Trek: Enterprise”, “Yellowstone”, “Zoe Hart of the Southern State”, “C.S.I.: Miami”, and “Ghost Talker”. In 2009, they had a daughter, Dakota.

Beginning of career

Among the actor’s first works are roles in the TV series “One Murder”, “Military Legal Service”, “The Practice”, “Buffy is a Vampire Slayer” and “One Murder: Diary of a Serial murderers.” He then played Mark in “Prey” and appeared in the film “City of Terror” as Forrest. The thriller tells the story of a police officer’s completely random murder of a salesman. The action film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival. Woodside could later be seen in the TV series “Temptations” as Melvin Franklin, “Again and Again” as Henry Higgins, “The Seekers” as an aide to the senator.

Creativity in the 2000s

In 2000, David played Colin in “Romeo Must Die”. The criminal gunman tells of a conflict between Chinese and American thugs. He then starred in the painting “Bones and Dogs”. Brian was given the role of Truman. The actor could later be seen in the TV series “C.S.I. Crime Scene” as Marlon, “Women’s Brigade” as Daniel, “24 Hours” as Palmer, “Defective Detective” as Dr. Matthew Schuler, “C.S.I.: Miami” as Cole, “The Woman’s Club”. In 2002, he starred in the film “Hotbed of Tension”.

After he was invited to play the role of Martin Mars in the comedy-melodrama “Respite”. The main character falls in love with two guys at once. That same year, he played Branford Lee in the painting “Henry Lee”. Next were roles in the TV series “4isla” (Jonathan Schmidt), “Anatomy of Passion” (Marcus Kane), “Private Practice” (Duncan), “Viva Laughlin” (Marcus) and “Cheat Me” (Henry Strong). Also Woodside can be seen as Lance in the TV series “Castle” and as David in “Sister Gawthorne”.

New roles

In 2010, the series “Parents”, featuring Woodside, began. He then received guest appearances in the series “Hellcats”, “Loose Ladies”, “Force Majors”, “Charlie’s Angels”, “Dr. Emily Owens”, “Stop and Gory”. In 2015, he played Robinson in “Fat Man vs. Everyone”. The comedy action film tells of a security guard who decided on his own to prevent a major robbery. David was then invited into the TV series “Lucifer”. Woodside can be seen in the film “The Guy from Room 3B” as Thomas. He later got the role of Jeff Malon in the TV series “Pearson”.

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