Cream Soda Group: a history of success

So far ethno-house is a direction little-known. And the desire of the Cream Soda team is to introduce melomans to this style by means of their compositions.

The birth of


collective was founded by the collective Ilya Galayev and Dima Nova in 2012. Both wrote electronic music, putting their work on an internet pad. After finding out that they have common hobbies with drum and dubstep, as well as similar tastes, the guys decided to join forces.

Together, the musicians began creating singles for clubs and discos of the capital. Such creativity did not appeal to them. Therefore, it was decided not to engage in aggressive and heavy style, but lighter style.

With their debut in the new amplua, the children chose the near basepost direction with elements of discostyle. The result was liked by listeners, critics, and the creators themselves. Ilya and Dima did not think about commercializing the project. However, increasing professionalism made the creation of a group necessary. Named it Cream Soda.

First achievements

At first the team was men’s. Anna Romanovskaya joined colleagues later. Her appearance brought lyricism, melodiousness to the compositions. Yes and the number of fans has significantly increased.

Thanks to the placement of works in the network, the collective gained recognition. But the first notable success was hitting Megapolis FM’s rotation in 2013. The creativity of musicians was very pleased by listeners of the radio station

In 2014 the first mini-compilation was released, which became preparation for new achievements. Two years later, the band introduced the album “Fire”. He was praised by all fans of the house direction. The record quickly hit the iTunes top, becoming also the best-selling electro-style novelty.

Preparations for the recording of the new studio began. The disc “Beautiful” accounted for 11 tracks. The presentation took place in 2018. Besides the signature ethno-house, the album featured hip hop, pop, R&B and funk. For the song “Hadshot”, musicians created a high quality music video with an extraordinary story. At the same time there was a video on the main song of the compilation with a symbolic video for the children and their fans.

Further plans


“Beautifully Live Tour” touring tour was conducted in support of the album. Within it, only “live concerts” were held. Phonograms musicians declared unacceptable.

The original music video was recorded for the composition “Volga”. No less spectacular was the new video “Leave, but stay” on the subject of difficult relationships, romance and love. Its main character was played by Alexander Gudkov.

The main part of the band’s work is Russian-language tracks. However, the guys dream of enschlagas abroad. “Cream Sodu” has already been called a musical breakthrough 2018. In 2019, they presented the disc “Comet”, commenting on the ongoing search for new facets of their creativity.

The news is reported in the profile of each team member in social networks. Announcements of the concerts can be seen on the team’s official website.

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