Composer Alexander Alexandrov: biography

In the small village of Plakhino, Ryazan Governorate, Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov came to light. It was written by him the music of the Russian Hymn, and it was he who wrote, literally in four days, the music for the “Holy War”. This song was first played on June 26, 1941 when sent to the front of a group of musicians from the ensemble.

In total, there were three such groups during the war years. It has been almost 80 years since this great song was written, and its power is still able to capture the listener’s thoughts. And the music and words of the Russian Anthem are recognized all over the world for the beauty and power of sound. In modern Russia, when disputes about the succession of the Soviet Union and Tsarist Russia do not stop, it is very indicative that the music of the Hymn of Russia was written by a person who served under Stalin in the general Chine, who is simultaneously and the last leader of the choir at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Alexander began singing in the church choir from the age of four, and at six he was sent with a fellow villager to St. Petersburg, where three years later he became a student of the conservatory. Then he changed his surname Koptelov to Aleksandrov from “Aleksandrov grandson”. However, he was not destined for a long time to study at the conservatory. Raw air and difficult material situation forced to leave 19-year-old Alexander the capital.

He moved to the village of Bologoye and got a job in a singing choir at the local church. In the choir, he met his future wife Xenia as well. In 1906, Alexandrov became regent of the choir in Tver. Here his organizing abilities were manifested. Forbidding singers to perform at weddings, he stopped drinking. And taking poor children from villages under his patronage, he created the backbone of the future famous choir. After the Revolution of 1917, it was very hard for him to rearrange for a new fret, but Aleksandrov discovered the leadership of the army ensemble of songs and plaski.

He called former church singers into the ensemble’s first line-up. Speaking in 1928 before the military leaders of the USSR, Aleksandrov won recognition and approval of the work done. So Alexandrov got the opportunity to form a collective of several dozen performers. In 1933, the collective grew to 300 musicians and turned into the Army ensemble of songs and plazki. During the war years, Alexandrov’s pupils accompanied army units and arranged impromptu concerts for Red Army fighters on all fronts.

Aleksandrov himself, in 1943 conducted the orchestra performing the Anthem of the Soviet Union to his music. The great composer died after taking Berlin from heart heart attack. Hard work all the war years has affected. Nowadays there is no temple where the boy Sasha started his singing path, and the music created by the great Alexander will remain for many years, passing from generation to generation.

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